Brown Earns AVCA Team Academic Award

Brown Earns AVCA Team Academic Award

Lexington, Ky. - The American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) announced that Brown University was honored with the AVCA Team Academic Award for the 2010-2011 season. The Bears were one of just 92 Division I women's programs to earn the distinction. 481 teams at the collegiate and high school level earned the award. The mark again breaks the previous years' total of 450 and sets a new all-time high for this award. 

The award, which was initiated in the 1992-93 academic year, honors collegiate and high school volleyball teams that displayed excellence in the classroom during the school year by maintaining at least a 3.30 cumulative team grade-point average on a 4.0 scale or a 4.10 cumulative team GPA on a 5.0 scale.

"A hearty congratulations to all the volleyball coaches whose teams won the 2011 AVCA Team Academic Award," said AVCA Executive Director, Kathy DeBoer. "Teams do not succeed in the classroom by accident any more so than they do on the court.  The same coach who taught them volleyball skills cared enough about their academic achievement to gather their grades, calculate their GPA, and submit a nomination on their behalf. In doing so, these coaches sent a clear message that classroom success is just as important as court success.  All involved should celebrate this award!"    

The Team Academic Award has become one of the AVCA's fastest growing awards programs, seeing an impressive surge in teams honored over the past several years. Since the 2000-2001 season, the number of recipients has increased every single year but one, while amassing an overall 170% increase over the span of the decade.  Since the award's inception in 1993, the award has risen by an astounding 674%. NCAA Division II recorded their highest-ever total number of recipients, honoring 57 programs while Division III easily surpassed last year's record of 75 winners with 88 this year. The high school division also set a new record with its 194 recipients.

Over 1,000 different schools have earned the award in the program's 19-year history, with exactly 4,297 awards been given out in total. Only two institutions, both high schools, have earned the distinction all 19 years: Jonesboro High School (Jonesboro, Arkansas) and Ross S. Sterling High School (Baytown, Texas). 

Division                                   Number of recipients                Percent Breakdown*
NCAA Division I Women                        92                                             19.25%
NCAA Division II Women                       57                                             11.92%
NCAA Division III Women                      88                                             18.41%
NAIA Women                                        30                                             6.28%   
Two-Year College Women                       12                                             2.51%
NCCAA Women                                      2                                               0.42%

NCAA Collegiate Men                              5                                               0.84%

NAIA Men                                              1                                              0.21%
High School (Girls and Boys)                 194                                           40.17%
     High School Girls                              178                                           
     High School Boys                              16         
* Percentage is based on each category's breakdown of the total 2010-2011 Team Academic recipients.


2010-11: 481
2009-10: 450
2008-09: 409
2007-08: 354
2006-07: 308
2005-06: 287
2004-05: 276
2003-04: 305 
2002-03: 205 
2001-02: 178 
2000-01: 130 
1999-2000: 140 
1998-99: 149 
1997-98: 132 
1996-97: 134 
1995-96: 116 
1994-95: 83 
1993-94: 98 
1992-93: 62


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