Women's Squash Places 7th Nationally At Howe Cup

Women's Squash Places 7th Nationally At Howe Cup

Feb. 26, 2004

The Women's Squash Team competed at the Howe Cup at Yale over the February 21/22 weekend and came away with a win in their final match against Williams and secured a seventh place finish in the National rankings.

The weekend started with a match against Trinity - last year's national champions.The best match was at #1 where National Individual and Betty Richey Award winner from England, Amina Helal, met Brown's First Team All American Lillian Rosenthal '05. Although it was 3-0 to Amina the match had some wonderful rallies and Lillian fought for every ball while entertaining the crowd with her ability to cover the court from one corner to another.

On Saturday the match against Dartmouth was outstanding although they proved a little too strong for the Bears. The three wins for Brown came at #1 with Rosenthal ,# 3 with Zarah Rahman '07 and #8 CoCaptain Avery Broadbent '05. Brown had great matches at #2 with Erynn Andrews '07, who lost in 5, and #4 Kari Betts, '06 #7 CoCaptain Tara Gibbons '05 and #9 Julie Flygare '05, who each lost in four.

Exhausted after the Dartmouth match, the Bears dusted themselves off and started preparing for the final match of the season on Sunday against a strong, spirited and athletic Williams team, who are always a great team to compete against.

In a packed and noisy Payne Whitney gym, Brown used the three court system and were fortunate to have the first three matches at #9 Flygare,#6 Phoebe Anderson '05, and #3 Rahman won to go 3 matches up early. All three played very well and stayed composed in the noisy, distracting arena. The second round of matches saw Erynn Andrews 07 win at #2 after a great 4-game win against a battling opponent. Both players put their last drops of energy into the match with Erynn's experience being an invaluable asset.

Brown needed one more to get to 5 matches and it fell on the plate of Avery Broadbent who had battled for two years with injury and now had to summon all her resources to battle a feisty never say die opponent. A closely contested fourth game saw Broadbent emerge with a big smile and a victory in her final collegiate match.

The insurance match for Brown came at #1 where Lillian Rosenthal rounded out a great season in style with a well played match. Lillian has proven to be a great asset to the Brown program at #1. It is never an easy position to play. Throughout the season Lillian has won each match that she has been expected to win. A great source of comfort to the team as she is about to step on the court.

An exhausted team reflected on a great finish to the season and on the part the Williams team contributed to a great match -tough competition played in a sporting manner. As the team huddled on court for the final time this season we said goodbye to three wonderful Captains - Tara Gibbons, Avery Broadbent, and #10 Alicia Ringel (the latter two were selected as Scholar athletes at the Banquet the preceding evening), and who have been wonderful ambassadors for the squash team and Brown University.

Trinity 9, Brown 0
 	1	Amina Helal	def. Lillian Rosenthal	(B)	9-4, 9-4, 9-2
 	2	Vaidehi Reddydef. Erin	Andrews		(B)		9-0 9-4 9-0
 	3	Pam Saunders	def. Zarah Rahman		(B)		9-0 9-1 9-2
 	4	Isa Restrepo	def.Kari Betts	Trinity	9-3 9-0 9-3
 	5	Larissa Stephenson	def. Katie Lew		(B)	9-0 9-0 9-3
 	6	Fernanda Rocha	def. Phoebe Anderson		(B)		9-0 9-6 9-0
 	7	Margot Kearney	def. Tara Gibbons		(B)	9-4 9-7 9-4
 	8	Siobhan Knight	def. Avery Broadbent		(B)		7-9 9-7 10-9 9-5
 	9	Siobhan Halfory	def. Julie Flygare		(B)		9-4 9-4 10-8

Match Score: Dartmouth def Brown 6-3 Position Brown Dartmouth Winner Scores 1 Lillian Rosenthal (B) def. Julia Drury 9-5 9-1 10-8 2 Crosby Haynes def. Erin Andrews (B) 9-6 1-9 5-9 10-8 9-5 3 Zarah Rahman (B) def. Jessica Vyrostko 9-2 9-1 9-3 4 Kelly Sennatt def. Kari Betts (B) 9-2 4-9 9-7 9-1 5 Avery Eyre def. Katie Lew (B) 9-2 9-2 9-1 6 Jessica Tory def. Phoebe Anderson (B) 10-8 9-1 9-6 7 Martha Ucko def. Tara Gibbons (B) 7-9 9-1 9-6 9-1 8 Avery Broadbent (B) def. Emilie Mackie Penn 9-1 9-4 7-9 10-8 9 Heather Lisle def. Julie Flygare (B) 9-3 6-9 9-6 9-3

Match Score: Brown def Williams 6-3 Position Brown Williams Winner Scores 1 Lillian Rosenthal (B) def. Clare Whipple 9-1 9-0 9-0 2 Erin Andrews (B) def. Jaye Gregory 9-6 7-9 10-8 9-4 3 Zarah Rahman (B) def. Kate Whipple 9-6 9-2 4-9 9-0 4 Andrea Berberian def. Kari Betts (B) 9-2 9-0 9-4 5 Joanna Leathers def. (B) 9-3 9-5 9-4 6 Phoebe Anderson (B) def. Kate Neal 9-7 9-3 9-3 7 Lex Lee def. Tara Gibbons (B) 9-2 9-2 10-8 8 Avery Broadbent (B) def. Lizzi Reifenheiser 9-5 9-5 3-9 9-7 9 Julie Flygare (B) def. Holly Houghton 4-9 99-4 9-0 9-0