Bears Falter, Fall To Big Green, 7-2

Bears Falter, Fall To Big Green, 7-2

Feb. 15, 2005

Hanover, NH - The Women's Squash team entered Hanover in good spirits after a 9-0 win against Cornell earlier in the weekend, but came up short, 7-2, against a strong Dartmouth squad.

The winners for Brown were at #1 with First Team All American and Tri-Captain Lillian Rosenthal '05, who led the way with a comfortable 3-0 win. At #4 Zarah Rahman '07 battled her way to a 3-2 win. Zarah's never say die spirit kept her in the game against a very experienced competitor.

The Bears are now heading to Princeton for the Howe Cup, which starts at 3:30pm at Jadwin Gym on Friday, February 18. The next round is on Saturday at 11:30am also at Jadwin.

Match Score:	Dartmouth 7, Brown 2
Pos.	Dartmouth			Brown			Winner	Scores
1	Christie Alexander		Lillian Rosenthal	Brown		7,5,0
2	Julia Drury			Erin Andrews		Dartmouth	0,5,6
3	Ashley Malenchak		Megan Cerullo	Dartmouth	6,(7),(6),2,1
4	Rebecca Loucks		Z. Rahman		Brown		(4),2,(7),4,5
5	Avery Eyre			Minoo Faidafard	Dartmouth	5,1,10-9
6	Jessic Vyrostko		Phoebe Anderson	Dartmouth	3,4,(6),6
7	Jessica Tory			Julia Flygare		Dartmouth	(4),1,5,4
8	Heather Lisle			Katie Lew		Dartmouth	3,3,6
9	Kelly Sennatt			N. Pierrepont	Dartmouth	3,6,1
10	Martha Ucko			J. Neff		Dartmouth	3-2