Bears Fall To Elis, 9-0

Bears Fall To Elis, 9-0

Feb. 13, 2006

Providence, RI - The Brown Women's squash team met the defending National Champions Yale at the Pizzitola Sports Center on Saturday the 11th February and came off second best, but not without a number of excellent battling performances, notably by Katie Lew who played four hard games at #7.

The day started with the team and Coaches recognizing the seniors at the beginning of the match, Captain Jen Neff, Courtney Quick, Sara Cunningham and Sue Murphy.

Next up for the Bears is Trinity at Trinity on Tuesday the 14th February at 6pm.

Individual results:

#1 position: Michelle Quibell, Yale def. Megan Cerullo, Brown, 9-2, 9-0,9-3.

#2 position: Catherine McLeod, Yale def. Erin Andrews, Brown, 9-5,9-2,9-0.

#3 position: Amy Gross, Yale def. Minoo Fadaifard, Brown, 9-1,9-0,9-1.

#4 position: Lauren Mc Crery, Yale def. Charlotte Steel, Brown, 9-2,9-3,9-2.

#5 position: Kate Rapisarda, Yale def. Breck Haynes, Brown, 9-4,9-4,9-7.

#6 position: Sarah Barenbaum, Yale def. Zarah Rahman, Brown, 9-1,9-2,9-1.

#7 position: Nicky Shiels, Yale def. Katie Lew, Brown, 5-9,10-8,9-0,9-4.

#8 position: Jess Balderston, Yale def. Jen Neff, Brown, m9-2,9-5,9-3.

#9 position: Eli Hill, Yale def. Nathalie Pierrepont, Brown, 9-7,9-2,9-1.