Bears Drop Close Contest To Williams, 5-4

Bears Drop Close Contest To Williams, 5-4

Feb. 4, 2007

Williamstown, Mass. - The Women's squash team, ranked seventh nationally, suffered a closely contested 5-4 loss to Williams Saturday afternoon.

"Over the years our team has had some great collegiate matches and this was one of them," said head coach Stuart leGassick. "Unfortunately we came out on the short end of the match."

The deciding match was the #4 battle with sophomore Breck Haynes, who was unable to hold a 2-0 lead due to her opponent playing flawless squash in the last three games. Earlier at #8, senior tri-captain Katie Lew had pulled out an astonishing 10-9 in the fifth win, and at #6, senior Zarah Rahman has won in four long games. Sophomore Charlotte Steel also won a marathon match at #5 in five games.

The play of the night arguably went to junior Megan Cerullo who won in three at#2. Megan was 8-4 down in the first two games fighting back to win in a tie breaker each game and setting up the thrilling final match at #4.

The Bears are at Hanover on Sunday to play Dartmouth at Noon.

1. Toby Eyre (W) def. Erin Andrews (B) 9-0, 9-2, 9-2
2. Megan Cerullo (B) def. Ashley Eyre (W) 10-8, 10-9, 9-5
3. Kate Whipple (W) def. Laura Pyne (B) 9-7, 9-7, 9-2
4. Jennifer Coxe (W) def. Breck Haynes (B) (7-9), (1-9), 9-1, 9-0, 9-1
5. Charlotte Steel (B) def. Arianna Kourides (W) 9-1, (9-10), (1-9), 9-2, 9-6
6. Zarah Rahman (B) def. Catie Warner (W) (7-9), 9-4, 9-1, 9-4
7. Claire Hsu (W) def. Minoo Fadaifard (B) 9-2, (7-9), 9-1, 9-6
8. Katie Lew (B) def. Caroline Henry (W) 9-5, (4-9), 9-4, (6-9), 10-8
9. Stephanier Barnet (W) def. Kali Schellenberg (B) 9-4, (7-9), 9-7, 9-3