Women's Squashers Edged By Dartmouth, 6-3

Women's Squashers Edged By Dartmouth, 6-3

Feb. 2, 2004

Brown women's squash team was disappointed Sunday after a tough loss to Dartmouth College. Nearing the end of their season, the Brown team was anxiously anticipating this weekend's match.

Brown began their season at the Ivy Scrimmages in November when they previewed the top teams in the nation. After a close defeat to Dartmouth at the Scrimmages, Brown left with high hopes for revenge. The prospect of victory against both Dartmouth and Williams drove the Brown women to train hard throughout the winter.

They headed into the weekend with players returned from abroad and injury and had a decisive 6-3 win against Williams. Unfortunately, the score against Dartmouth did not reflect the women's hard work and improvement throughout the season.

Julie Flygare defeated Kait Yaremchuk at position 9. Flygare displayed tenacity, fitness, and skill as she beat Yaremchuk in four games.

At number three, freshmen Zarah Rahman focused on eliminating unforced errors in order to beat Dartmouth freshmen, Avery Eyre. Rahman had lost to Eyre at a National Junior tournament the previous year, so this proved to be a satisfying win.

All-American Lillian Rosenthal entertained a rowdy crowd with her quick win against Julia Drury. Throughout the season, Rosenthal has proved to be a reliable number one player.

Though the rest of the women lost their matches, no one gave up easily. All of the matches tested the skills and endurance of both the Brown and Dartmouth players. Only a few final points decided the ultimate outcome of the entire match. Team captain, Avery Broadbent displayed toughness and determination in her match against Emilie Mackie. The two players battled for close to two hours with frequent close let calls and physical contact. Broadbent lost in the fifth and final game, 9-5.

The team anticipates the next week-end as a challenge as they face the top two teams in the country, Yale and Trinity.

#1 position: Lillian Rosenthal, Brown   def.
 Julia Drury, Dartmouth,  9-2 9-3 9-6 .

#2 position: Crosby Hayne, Dartmouth def. Erynn Andrews, Brown, 9-6 0-9 9-7 9-7.

#3 position: Zarah Rahman, Brown def. David Krupnick, Dartmouth, 9-3 1-9 9-4 9-1.

#4 position: Jess Vyrostko, Dartmouth def. Kari Betts, Brown, 9-4, 9-7, 9-7.

#5 position: Kelly Sennatt, Dartmouth def. Phoebe Anderson, Brown, 9-7 9-47-9 9-4.

#6 position: Jess Tory, Dartmouth def. Katie Lew, Brown, 9-2 6-9 9-4 9-4.

#7 position: Heather Lisle, Dartmouth def. Tara Gibbons, Brown , 9-3 9-6 2-9 9-2.

#8 position: Emilie Mackie, Dartmouth def. Avery Broadbent, Brown, 4-9 10-9 9-7 5-9 9-5.

#9 position: Julie Flygare, Brown def. Kait Yaremchuk, Dartmouth, 9-2 3-9 9-6 9-4.

#10 position: Alicia Ringel, Brown def. Damon Grant, Brown, 9-1 9-7 9-2.