Women's Squashers Top Cornell, Amherst and Smith

Jan. 24, 2003

The Brown women's squash team earned three victories this weekend, defeating Cornell, 9-0, Amherst, 7-2, and Smith, 9-0 to extend their record to 5-3 overall.

Sophomore Lillian Rosenthal (Weston, MA) paced the Bears at number one, winning all three matches by a 3-0 margin. Senior Allison Roche (Sandwich, MA) was also a winner in all three matches at number three, beating Cornell, 3-0, Amherst, 3-2, and Smith, 3-0.

Also winning all three matches for the Bears were junior Alicia Ringel (Brooklyn, NY) at number five, sophomore Phoebe Anderson (Buffalo, NY) at number six, sophomore Julie Flygare (Durham, NH) at number seven, and freshman Becky Hurwitz (Jamaica Plains, MA) at number eight.

The Bears also received solid performances from freshman Kari Betts (Brooklyn, NY0 at number two, and junior Tara Gibbons (Minneapolis, MN) at number four.

Brown 9, Cornell 0
January 19, 2003

1. Lillian Rosenthal (B) def. Brooke Stetson (C), 3-0 2. Kari Betts (B) def. Cory Warfield (C), 3-0 3. Allison Roche (B) def. Joanna Wolfson (C), 3-0 4. Tara Gibbons (B) def. Allison Laycob (C), 3-0 5. Alicia Ringel (B) def. Rachel Perschetz (C), 3-0 6. Phoebe Anderson (B) def. Becca Brier-Rosenfield (C), 3-0 7. Julie Flygare (B) def. Marissa Greenwald (C), 3-0 8. Becky Hurwitz (B) def. Stephanie Tsay (C), 3-0 9. Courtney Quick (B) def. Meghan McCarthy (C), 3-0

Brown 7, Amherst 2 January 21, 2003

1. Lillian Rosenthal (B) def. Susana Burke (A), 3-0 2. Ashley Harmeling (A) def. Kari Betts (B), 3-1 3. Allison Roche (B) def. Roopali Agarwal (A), 3-2 4. Liz Martin (A) def. Tara Gibbons (B), 1-0 (ret. Inj.) 5. Alicia Ringel (B) def. Emily Stark (A), 3-0 6. Phoebe Anderson (B) def. Melanie Zacher (A), 3-0 7. Julie Flygare (B) def. Becca Muse-Orlinoff (A), 3-0 8. Becky Hurwitz (B) def. Annie MacRae (A), 3-0 9. Sarah Petrie (B) def. Laure Coape-Arnold (A), 3-0