Off the Field with Sophomore Sandra Mastrangelo

Off the Field with Sophomore Sandra Mastrangelo

Sophomore outfielder Sandra Mastrangelo has had a solid 2010 softball season for the Bears and has helped the squad to a 14-15 overall record and a 2-6 mark in Ivy League play. Mastrangelo has tallied 16 hits, 16 runs scored and six RBI while her on base percentage of .337 ranks fifth on the team. Mastrangelo took a few minutes to answer some questions regarding the season thus far.

Name: Sandra Mastrangelo

Year: Sophomore

Concentration: Biology/Hispanic Studies

Position(s): Catcher/Outfield

Hometown: White Plains, N.Y.

Q: You're more than halfway done with your 2010 schedule ... What are your thoughts on the team's progression throughout the year?

Sandra: The team has come to learn to play with one another really well. With each game, we communicate more effectively and trust in each another to get the job done. We have had solid pitching, a solid defense and when we're focussed we've proved we can do some damage at the plate.

Q: What has been the team's strengths this season? And what do you feel can be improved?

Sandra: We definitely have found ways to pull through and bounce back throughout the season. Our team is really close and I think that this adds to our ability to come out each game ready to play. We can definitely improve our focus at the plate and communicating on short fly balls.

Q: You're halfway though the Ivy League season ... How have you felt about Brown's performance against the Ivy teams played thus far?

Sandra: We come out each game with the same intensity for every team. We've played several close games within the Ivy League and we just have to work on coming through at the end. I am definitely excited for the remaining Ivy League games.

Q: What did you do personally to prepare for this season? How did you prepare as a team?

Sandra: I lifted, ran and worked on my batting and outfielding skills. As a team, we've had early morning practices and weights. We all worked very hard to prepare for competition.

Q: What are your individual goals and the team's goals for the remainder of the year?

Sandra: I will continue to work hard and stay focused. I'd also like to make more diving catches in the outfield! I'm excited about finishing our season strong!

Q: What made you choose Brown over another school?

Sandra: I was interested in the diversity of the student body as well as the lack of core requirements which has allowed me to explore many of my interests. The combination of unparalleled academics, athletics and a vibrant campus life was exactly what I was looking for. I can't imagine being anywhere else.

Q: When you grow up you want to be?

Sandra: A super cool women's health doctor or an orthopedist.

Q: How did you start playing softball?

Sandra: I remember playing catch outside with my family since I was able to throw a ball – and probably even before then!

Q: If I wasn't playing softball I'd be?

Sandra: A professional snowboarder. Oh, and very well-rested.