Scott Featured in MetroWest Daily News

Scott Featured in <i>MetroWest Daily News</i>

Oct. 1, 2008

On Campus: Scott epitomizes student-athlete
by Eric Avidon/Daily News Staff

Time is the enemy. It's a precious commodity for collegiate athletes, for the ones that take their education as seriously as they take their sport.

There are many, many students throughout the world who waste their time in college, who go to school simply because they want a degree so they can get on with their lives. They go to class and study because they have to in order to graduate, and they do just enough to get to that commencement ceremony at the end of their senior year.

But then there are those places where it's not necessarily like that, where sure, there are some students who still view college as a grand social experiment, but where the vast majority are there to learn. Throw in about 20 hours per week spent at practice and in team meetings, plus a job, and suddenly time disappears.

That's life for Kate Scott.

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