Women's Soccer Europe 2003, Day 1

Aug. 15, 2003

The flight from Boston to London was uneventful. The Bears landed at 7:55 am England time and got right onto the bus. They headed for Windsor Castle, home of the Queen, and had time to check out all the shops, before a tour of Windsor Castle.

After Windsor Castle, they traveled to the center of London, along the way our guide pointed out major landmarks such as, Big Ben, Westminster Abby, Trafalgar Square, Parlement, Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, Ten Downing street, and the home of Prince Charles and William, along with much more.

After lunch and the Covent Gardens the team checked into the hotel, for much-needed naps. After naps, they ate Dinner at the hotel and had free time to explore London. Overall, day one went well! The Bears have several activities for day two, followed by their first game on Friday night.