Vanessa Welten Featured in The Providence Journal

Vanessa Welten Featured in The Providence Journal
Welten a Perfect Fit for Brown, On and Off Ice
by Mark Divver 


From the peewees to the pros, hockey players use their stats to define themselves. Their minds are constantly churning over their goals, assists and points.  

Brown University junior Vanessa Welten watches her own numbers as closely as any other player, but what sets her apart is a stat that has nothing to do with hockey.    

It's 4.0, her perfect grade-point average.   


How rare is that, especially at an Ivy League school?   

Coach Amy Bourbeau has spent her entire career at elite academic institutions. Before taking over at Brown last year, she spent 12 years at Princeton, and worked at Williams and Middlebury before that.   

Bourbeau remembers "maybe one" other student-athlete — in this case, it's a label that truly fits — who was able to maintain a perfect GPA while also playing Division I hockey.   

"She is a special kid," Bourbeau says of Welten, who plans to attend medical school.   

On the ice, the speedy winger is one of Bourbeau's top four forwards — the Bears play a system that uses two forwards and three de fenders — and is a fixture on special teams.   

"She's not just a hockey player with a 4.0. She's a talented hockey player with a 4.0," the coach says.    

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