Brown Oarswomen Capture Second at NCAAs

Brown Oarswomen Capture Second at NCAAs

June 1, 2003

The Brown Women's Crew team claimed second place at the NCAA Championships after winning all three heats in the final day of competition. Both the Varsity Four and the Varsity II Eights rowed their ways to first place as the Varsity I Eight grabbed seventh, winning the Petite Final.

The Varsity Fours, made up of freshmen Deborah Dryer (Cincinnati, OH), Kaitlinn Masarie, Katie Reynolds (Lincoln, MA), Gillian Almy (West Simsbury, CT), and Mira Mehta (Cambridge, MA), rowed in a time of 7:18.83. The Fours were tied for second with Michigan and Ohio State behind California after the first 250 meters. By the 500 meter mark the Bears were in second all on their own behind California.

Brown starting moving on California at 750, but Cal countered. At 1000 meters with Brown still in second, the Bears had open water on Michigan. Brown was within two seat on Cal and became even with the fellow Bears by 1400 meters. With 500 meters to go in the race, Brown gained the lead and held on to take first place.

The Varsity II Eights raced next and Brown finished with a winning time of 6:35.03. The Boat consisted of seniors Frances Betancourt (Philadelphia, PA), Jill Filipek (Berkeley, CA), Becky Hutchinson (Bethany, CT), and Abby Thomas (Salt Lake City, UT) as well as juniors Liza Aguiar (Bristol, RI), Audrey Patten (Somerset, MA), and Katie Tremaine (Fairfield, CT) and sophomore Megan Wachs (Elkridge, MD) and freshman Meg Anderson (Concord, MA).

Washington got out to a early lead, but the Bears took a three seat lead over the Huskies at 800 meters. By 1500 meters, Brown had a full length on Washington and by 1750 the Bears had open water. Brown held on to bring home the second gold metal of the day.

Brown's Varsity I Eight raced in the Petite Final to determine places 7-12. After 200 meters Brown was even with Princeton in third place. By 500 meters the Bears stood alone in third just three seats back from California, who was trailing Princeton.

By the 1000 meter mark Brown was making their way to the front of the pack, sitting in second place behind Princeton. Just after the 1000 meter mark the Bears, who fell twice to the Tigers this season, were in first place with a three seat lead over Princeton.

At 1300 meters the Bears were rowing at a rate of 35 1/2 strokes per minute, in first place with a four seat lead over Princeton. The Tigers had a four seat lead over Cal, who had Yale making a charge. By 1500 meters, the Bears had a seven seat lead and rowed on to win the Petite Final.

Brown finished the day with 57 total team points, just two points behind Radcliffe who took home the team trophy. This was the first time that neither Brown nor Washington won the team trophy or the Varsity I Eights Grand Final, which Radcliffe also won.

The Times:

Varsity I Eights Grand Final- Harvard 6:26.92, Michigan 6:28.58, Stanford 6:29.54, Washington 6:30.07, Virginia 6:31.49, Southern California 6:38.33

Varsity I Eights Petite Final- Brown 6:20.01, Princeton 6:23.48, Ohio State 6:23.95, California 6:24.97, Yale 6:26.13, Texas 6:28.65

Varsity II Eights- Brown 6:35.03, Washington 6:38.57, California 6:39.61, Princeton 6:41.99, Harvard 6:42.43, Ohio State 6:43.80

Varsity Fours- Brown 7:18.83, California 7:21.43, Michigan 7:24.83, 7:30.02, Yale 7:32.57, Harvard 7:34.79