Women's Crew Places First in all Heats at NCAA Championship

Women's Crew Places First in all Heats at NCAA Championship

May 30, 2003

Head Coach John Murphy's women's crews came in first place in all three heats in which they competed, in the first day of competition at the NCAA National Championships in Indianapolis, IN. The Bears won in open water in all three races, the varsity I, varsity II, and the varsity fours.

The first race of the day, the Varsity I, saw the Bears in the third heat matched up with power house Washington, as well as California, Boston University, and Washington State. At the 300 meter mark the Bears were in third place, but made their way to first place by 500 meters. Brown held on to their lead and by 800 they had a four seat lead over Washington, who was three seats ahead of California.

By the half way mark the Bears were six seats ahead of Washington, going at a rate of 34 1/2 strokes per minute. At the 1400 meter mark Brown was a full length ahead of the competition. The Bears finished the race in open water with a time of 6:39.27, the fastest time of any Varsity I, in any of the heats.

Brown's Varsity II's were in the first heat against Yale, Virginia, Michigan State, Washington, and Harvard. The Bears started off rough and were in fifth place after 100 meter. Brown quickly made their move to the head of the pack and by 500 meters saw themselves in second place.

The Bears took the lead at 700 meters in front of Washington and Michigan State. By 800 meters the Bears were ahead two seats, and had a full length by 1000 meters. With 750 meters to go, Brown had a 1/2 length of open water, which increased to a full length of open water at the 1400 meter mark. The Bears finished with a time of 6:50.35, also the fastest time of any other crew in all heats.

The final race of the day saw the Brown Varsity Fours in the second heat. The teams were dead across after 100 meters, but the Bears had the lead by 300. Ohio State edged the lead away from the Bears, but Brown gained it back by 500 meters and held on for the rest of the race.

Brown had open water by 750 meters with Ohio State and Michigan behind. By 1200 meters Brown had a length of open water on Michigan, who had a length on Princeton and Ohio State who were neck and neck. Brown finished with a time of 7:31.27, again the fastest time of all schools.

The victories by the Varsity II and Four automatically send those teams to the Championships on Sunday. The Varsity II will face California for sure, with the final four positions to be determined by a repechage tomorrow, Saturday, morning. The Varsity Four will also face California in the finals with the repechage determining the final four schools Saturday morning.

The Varsity I heats will be determined after a repechage this afternoon for the final three positions in the semifinals. Already guaranteed positions in the semifinals for finishing in the top three in their heats are Michigan, Stanford, Virginia, Princeton, Harvard, Southern California, California, and Washington along with Brown. The semifinals will take place Saturday morning, they are set to start at 10:30 am. There will be two heats and the top three teams from each heat will advance to the finals.

The Times: Varsity I: Heat 1- Michigan 6:40.50, Stanford 6:41.30, Virginia 6:42.60, Michigan St. 6:43.70, Yale 6:47.20, Texas 6:47.60; Heat 2- Princeton 6:39.50, Harvard 6:41.00, Southern Cal 6:41.90, Ohio State 6:42.60, Tennessee 7:01.70; Heat 3- Brown 6:39.27, California 6:42.06, Washington 6:42.09, Boston U 6:52.07, Washington St. 6:59.97

Varsity II: Heat 1- Brown 6:50.35, Virginia 6:56.60, Washington 6:59.25, Michigan State 7:00.86, Yale 7:01.29, Harvard 7:02.70; Heat 2- California 6:52.53, Ohio State 6:58.58, Washington St. 7:01.42, Stanford 7:01.44, Princeton 7:02.40, Michigan 7:07.07

Fours: Heat 1- California 7:35.39, Virginia 7:39.86, Washington 7:44.89, Harvard 7:50.21, Washington St. 7:55.37, Stanford 8:04.88; Heat 2- Brown 7:31.48, Michigan 7:37.48, Ohio State 7:39.86, Yale 7:40.75, Princeton 7:41.72, Michigan State 7:47.37