Women's Crew Competes at Eastern Sprints

Women's Crew Competes at Eastern Sprints

May 13, 2002

CHERRY HILL, NY - The Brown women's crew captured first place finishes in varsity and second-varsity eights and came in second in the first novice eight at the EAWRC Sprints on the Cooper River over the weekend.

The Bears took home the Sally P. Shoemaker Trophy for the best finish by an Ivy League school in the varsity eights event; the Nathaniel Case Trophy for winning the varsity eights, and the junior varsity eights championship trophy.

It was almost possible to overlook Princeton's taking of the Charles Willing Team Trophy, ending Brown's four-year winning streak in that competition.

Yale, which had lost to the Brown varsity by three lengths on the Seekonk River only eight days before, pressed the Bears very hard down the last 500 meters, but Brown increased its rating to 38.5 strokes a minute and beat the Elis by a few feet of open water.

The Brown second varsity also had a fight on its hands to hold off Virginia.

"I'm very pleased with what we did to win," said Brown varsity coach John Murphy. "They came in here and did what they needed to do."

The first novices, who were seeded third, beat two of the three crews - Yale and Radcliffe - who had beaten them during the regular season.

On the basis of Sunday's showing, Brown almost certainly will receive a bid to the women's NCAA Championships May 30-June 2 in Indianapolis, IN.

Rowing for the varsity on Sunday, which won its big race for the fifth straight year, were Annie Carter (Brookline, MA), bow; Lucy Lueders-Booth (Cambridge, MA), two; Rosie Branson-Gill (Medforsd, MA), three; Jessica Lanning (Atlanta, GA), four; Frances Betancourt (Philadelphia, PA), five; Eleanor Dodson, six (Ashfield, MA); Sarah Broadhead (North Adover, MA), seven; Karen Prazar (Exeter, NH), stroke; and Erika Faires (Pulaski, PA), coxswain. The two, three and four oarswomen in that boat are seniors.

The second varsity had Bronwyn Uber (Pittsburgh, PA), bow; Audrey Patten (Somerset, MA), two; Peggy McKendry (Lakeview, NY), three; Sophie Branson-Gill (Medford, MA), four; Kady Tremaine (Fairfield, CT), five; Kate Coward (Wayzata, MN), six; Marie Walcott (Wellesley, MA), seven; Abbie Thomas (Salt Lake City, UT), stroke; and Liza Aguiar (Bristol, RI), coxswain.

The times of finals involving Brown: Second novice eight (petite finals): Radcliffe 7:27.2; Navy 7:32.3; Boston Univ. 7:36.4; Brown 7:43.8; Rutgers 7:55.9. First novice eight grand finals: Princeton 6:50.1; Brown 6:51.8; Radcliffe 6:54.3; Yale 6:56.1; Virginia 7:02.8; Navy 7:10.4. Third varsity fours (petit finals): Brown 7:38.9; Syracuse 7:55; Northeastern 8:04.5; Radcliffe 8:11; Dartmouth 8:11.6; Penn 8:17.2.Second varsity eights (grand finals): Brown 6:37.2; Virginia 6:40.1; Yale 6:44.4; Radcliffe 6:47; Princeton 6:48.1; Northeastern 6:49.1. Varsity eights (grand finals): Brown 6:21.1; Yale 6:25.1; Radcliffe 6:27; Princeton 6:28.9; Syracuse 6:32; Virginia 6:38.5.