#10 Brown Women's Crew Defeats #1 Yale

#10 Brown Women's Crew Defeats #1 Yale

May 3, 2008

Providence, RI - The No. 10 Brown women's crew defeated the No. 1 Yale Bulldogs on the Seekonk River on Saturday morning. With some rain and a light cross tailwind, the varsity eight came out strong from the start, defeating Yale by five seconds in its final home race of the 2008 season.

With the racing beginning at 6:50 a.m. on the Seekonk's slack tide, the varsity eight came out ready to row, turning in a solid 6:02.61 effort for first place. The talented Bulldog crew kept the race close, posting a 6:07.25. The race was neck and neck for the first 500, as the crews were hit by an errant wake and lost some momentum. Bruno seemed confident and unrattled as they continued to push, as the gradually gained a lead and achieved open water on Yale around 1,300 meters.

"All of the seniors were excited for this race, not only for the fierce competition (challenging #1 Yale) but also because it was our last race on the Seekonk," said senior Christine Flynn. "It was a great way to end our regular season careers. Thinking back about all the seniors that used to be sitting in the Freshman 8, we are excited to think about what is in store for them and are extremely proud of their performances. This weekend especially with these formidable opponents, everyone has been focused; and now our focus looks forward to the Sprints."

Brown's second varsity followed up with another outstanding effort, picking up a win with a time of 6:07.60 on an outgoing tide. Bruno seized a lead from the start and never let it go, gaining a comfortable lead to win the race. The tough Bulldog crew kept battling, crossing the line 10 seconds later, with a 6:17.27.

The novice eights brought its "A" game as well, quickly taking the lead from the start. Bruno's novice notched a 6:19.20 to Yale's 6:35.09, giving Bruno its third victory of the morning.

Yale was able to clinch two wins in the fours races. In the varsity four race, Brown battled with the Bulldogs from start to finish. Bruno closed in on the Bulldogs near the end, but couldn't pull off a victory, as Yale came in with a 6:51.30 to Bruno's 6:54.33. Every move Bruno made was effectively executed, gaining ground on the Yale four, taking four seats in 10 strokes during moves. In the end, Yale came out ahead, but the Bears put up an incredible fight. Yale earned the victory in the varsity four "B" race as well, posting a time of 7:03.80. Brown came in with a 7:12.50, as a second Bulldog boat earned a 7:16.63.

In the final race of the morning, the novice four, Brown came out on top with a time of 7:29.23 as Yale posted a time of 7:56.51. Brown will now compete in the EAWRC Sprints in Camden, N.J., on the Cooper River from May 17-18.

Varsity Eight
Brown: 6:02.61
Yale: 6:07.25

Second Varsity Eight
Brown: 6:07.60 Yale: 6:17.27

Novice Eight
Brown: 6:19.20
Yale: 6:35.09

Varsity Four
Yale: 6:51.30
Brown: 6:54.33

Varsity "B" Four
Yale: 7:03.80
Brown: 7:12.50
Yale: 7:16.63

Novice Four
Brown: 7:29.23
Yale: 7:56.51