Brown Rowers Defeat Unbeaten Radcliffe

Brown Rowers Defeat Unbeaten Radcliffe

April 27, 2003

The Brown women's varsity crew has made it back to the top of eastern women's rowing by virtue of its victory by 2.7 seconds, Sunday over previously unbeaten and top-ranked Eastern crew, Radcliffe.

Brown's victory on the Charles River leaves three women's varsity crews: Brown, Radcliffe and Princeton, bracketed at the top of the eastern standings, each with one loss. Coach John Murphy 's varsity should supplant Radcliffe as No.1 with today's victory.

"We'd been looking forward to this race since the beginning of the season ,'' said Murphy. "We knew it was going to be a tough race and we were ready for it. I didn't have to get the crew up. They did it themselves.''

The two crews raced on nearly even terms for the first 500 meters. Then the Bears asserted themselves and took a solid lead, making a strong push with 1300 meters gone. Radcliffe made up a little ground with a solid sprint but the Bears counter-punched and were pulling out again at the end.

The second-varsity race proved to be another tight one until the last 30 strokes, when the Brown crew finally opened water on their opponents. The frosh eight, varsity four, and second novice four all won easily.

The times:

Varsity Eights: Brown , 6;35.4; Radcliffe, 6:38.1.

Second Varsity Eights: Brown, 6:43.1; Radcliffe, 6:46.6.

Varsity Fours: Brown A, 7:34.3; Brown B, 7:45.7; Radcliffe A, 7:49; Radcliffe B, 7:52.

Second novice fours: Brown, 7:59.9; Radcliffe A, 8:17.1; Radcliffe B, 8:19.9.

First Novice eights: Brown, 6:53.3; Radcliffe, 7:11.1