Women's Crew Rows Past Cornell and Columbia

Women's Crew Rows Past Cornell and Columbia

April 27, 2002

ITHACA, NY - Now only Yale next Saturday at home stands between the Brown women's varsity crew and a fifth straight unbeaten regular season.

Rowing into an increasing headwind on the Cayuga Inlet, John Murphy's Brown varsity ran its record to 6-0 by beating Cornell by 11 seconds and Columbia by 22 here yesterday.

"It was really tough racing,'' Murphy said, taking note of the wind and cold. "I think Columbia has improved greatly in the last few years. They were tough. So was Cornell and all the races were hard fought.''

Starting on the outside lane of the course, which dog-legs to the left at the thousand-meter mark and back to the right 500 meters later, the Brown varsity got off in front and led by a full length, "perhaps a little open water," Murphy said, at the 500-meter mark. "I think Columbia and Cornell were still even at that point,'' he said. After that we started to gradually move away.''

Brown also won in second-varsity eights, first-novice eights and varsity fours, falling in second-novice eights and novice fours.

After next Saturday afternoon's races with Yale on the Seekonk, the Bears will prep for the eastern championships May 12 on the Cooper River in Camden. N.J.

Brown has won the varsity eights and team titles at the easterns for the last four years. The only losses for Brown women's varsities since 1997 were to Washington in the 1998 NCAA championship final and to Washington again in the 2001 NCAA championship final. Both races were rowed on Lake Lanier, Ga.

The times: First-novice eights: Brown, 7:02.7; Cornell, 7:08.8; Columbia, 7:35.1. Second-novice eights: Cornell, 7:25.6; Brown, 7:49.8.Second-varsity eights: Brown, 7:02.8; Cornell, 7:17; Columbia, 7:21.1. Varsity eights: Brown, 6:59.2; Cornell, 7:10.9;a Columbia, 7:22. A fours: Cornell, 8:06.1; Brown, 8:11.1; Columbia, 8:52.1. B fours: Brown, 8:25.2; Cornell, 8:35.7