Women's Crew Defeats Columbia and Cornell in All Six Races

Women's Crew Defeats Columbia and Cornell in All Six Races

April 26, 2008

Ithanca, NY - The Brown women's crew picked up another victory today, as Bruno defeated both Cornell and Columbia in all six races on the Cayuga Inlet in Ithaca, New York this morning. Brown's coxswains did an outstanding job guiding the crews through the unique 2,000-meter course, which features two turns making it tricky for some crews to navigate through.

The varsity eight defeated its competition by 12 seconds today, finishing the course with a 6:24.7. It was a tight race for second and third place, as Columbia made it in with a 6:36.1, while Cornell crossed the line at 6:36.2.

Brown's second varsity tallied a win, earning a 6:31.7. Cornell posted a 6:48.2 coming in at second, and Columbia came in right behind with a 7:01.7. Bruno's third varsity four "A" also turned in a solid effort, winning the race with a 7:23.8. Columbia earned second with a 7:43.9, while Cornell placed third with a 7:58.7. Bruno earned first in the third varsity four "B" race as well, with a time of 7:39.5 to Columbia's 7:52.7.

"It was very exciting, especially to see the novice four race," said Anabel Agloro (South San Francisco, CA)of the second varsity four. "Cornell and Columbia raced well. In our boat in particular, we felt like we put it all together this morning, and really clicked. There was intense focus and concentration."

Bruno's novice boats were just as solid, as the eights picked up a win with a 6:38.8 to Cornell's 6:42.5. The novice four, which was a thrilling race for all those watching, saw the Bears and the Lions go neck and neck.

"It was a phenomenal day of racing; we've all put in hard work. In the eight we had to move back from behind in the early strokes. In the four, we got behind in the early going but we kept our composure and raced our race," said Lisa Rickey (Cranston, RI), who raced in the novice eight and four. "We started to close the gap on the leading crew and felt an attitude of refusing to lose. Hearing the crowd cheering definitely gave us that extra push that fueled our fire. It's great to have such support from our family and friends, which I think is something that makes Brown unique."

While Bruno took an immediate advantage, Columbia gained a lead. Bruno took control of the race and regained the lead, but the feisty Columbia crew inched its way back into first. It came down to the final 10 strokes, as Bruno battled for an exciting victory with a time of 7:41.7. Columbia came in with a 7:43.5, as Cornell earned an 8:01.2.

"Our race was the closest of the day and probably the most exciting," said Mary Pitek (Buffalo, NY) of the novice four boat. "We worked together to stay focussed inside our shell. All our boats' races showed the depth of our team; but even in the thick of the season there is still room for improvement."

Up next, the Brown women's crew will host the Yale Bulldogs in its final home race of the 2008 season on Saturday, May 3rd on the Seekonk River.

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