Brown Starts 2012 Schedule with Major Challenge Against No. 3 Princeton & No. 9 Michigan

Princeton, N.J. – The reigning NCAA Division I champs started off the 2012 season with a tough challenge at No 3 Princeton with No. 9 Michigan also making the trip. No. 4 Brown placed second in the varsity four and the 3V8, but could not push past the speed of the Wolverines and Tigers in the varsity eight and second varsity eight.

Michigan won the varsity eight competition by more than five seconds over host Princeton, which finished the Bud Smith Race Course on Lake Carnegie in 6:39.5. That was six seconds faster than Brown, which rounded out the field in 6:45.5. Princeton now holds a 17-9 edge in the Class of 1987 Trophy competition.

The Michigan second varsity finished in 6:43.9, while Princeton took second in 6:46.4. Brown finished in 6:51.0.

The Tiger varsity four won over both Brown and Michigan. Princeton took the race in 7:35.0, while Brown placed second in 7:46.6. Michigan finished third in 7:51.

The Princeton third varsity eight also claimed a win in 7:08.1, while Brown took second in 7:16.8.

The Bears will host their first home race next weekend on Saturday, March 31, when they host Radcliffe.

Varsity Eight
Michigan 6:34.1
Princeton 6:39.5
Brown 6:45.5

Second Varsity Eight
Michigan 6:43.9
Princeton 6:46.4
Brown 6:51.0

Varsity Four
Princeton 7:35.0 
Brown 7:46.6 
Michigan 7:51.0

Third Varsity Eight
Princeton 7:08.1
Brown 7:16.8
Michigan (novice) 7:19.6

Second Varsity Four
Michigan 8:00.8 
Princeton 8:31.1