Women’s Basketball Hoops for Haiti a Success

Women’s Basketball Hoops for Haiti a Success

Providence, RI- In support of those affected by the tragedy in Haiti a few months ago, the Brown women's basketball team hosted its "Hoops for Haiti" event on February 17 and raised nearly $11,000 which was donated to UNICEF.

"I'm proud of them for taking the initiative and also for reaching out to their circle of friends, Brown staff and faculty, and also the community to help support the cause," said Assistant Coach Kristen Buckley.

Head Coach Jean Marie Burr and Brown's three team captains; Courtney Lee, Christina Johnson and Natalie Bonds, came up with the idea together when trying to come up with ways to help the people in Haiti. Buckley was instrumental in putting the event together for the Bears, and she helped the squad recruit sponsors, promoted the event with flyers and set the team goal at $3,000. Brown University as a whole was also very supportive in the team's effort to raise money. From helping with promotions to volunteering to assist with the event, the university banned together during this time and helped various groups in any way that they could.

"We want to thank everyone who sponsored our players and staff for this event," said Burr. "Your support is appreciated and we hope that our efforts make a difference to help Haiti recover. We only wish we could do more."

Each women's basketball team member shot 300 free throws apiece and received donations per made free-throw. Some supporters donated $1 per made shot, $.75, $.50, $.25, $.10 or any amount or donation of their choice.

"We thought that raising $3,000 would be really challenging," said senior captain Courtney Lee. "But so many people in the athletic department, our professors, classmates and parents supported us that we were able to surpass our goal. We were surprised by how many people were willing to donate"

The team hopes to make giving a tradition, and would like to be able to raise money for different causes year after year and keep the giving spirit alive within the Brown women's basketball team.