Mock Tops Heavyweights as Bears Finish Seventh at Keystone Classic

Mock Tops Heavyweights as Bears Finish Seventh at Keystone Classic

Nov. 19, 2007

Philadelphia, PA - Led by a strong rebound performance from senior co-captain Levon Mock (Bangor, MI), the Brown wrestling team finished seventh at the Keystone Classic at Penn on Sunday. Mock recovered from a two-and-out showing at the Brockport-Oklahoma Gold Classic last weekend to win all four of his matches, winning the championship at 285 pounds. Juniors Branden Stearns (Edinboro, PA), Tom Fazio (Ringwood, NJ), John Triggas (Moraga, CA), and Zach Zdrada (Atkinson, NH) also all placed, as the Bears finished with 61.5 points, just 6.5 points out of fourth place.

Mock, seeded first at 285, advanced to the championship match with two close decisions and an injury default victory. However, matched up against the bracket's second seed, Trey McLean of Penn, Mock dominated the final, taking a 12-3 major decision. In the same weight class, Zdrada was also impressive. After dropping a close 6-4 decision to McLean in the first round, he tore through the consolation bracket, opening with a technical fall victory, 18-3, over the seventh seed, Jim Connors of Boston University. After advancing via two forfeits, Zdrada majored Jared Campbell of Appalachian State, 9-0 before falling in the third-place match.

Stearns, seeded fifth at 197, drew a first-round bye before falling to fourth-seed John Hall of BU, 3-2. Stearns worked his way to a rematch with Hall in the third-place match with a 4-0 decision over teammate Larry Otsuka (Upper Saddle River, NJ), a pinfall victory, and a forfeit win. Once again matched up with Hall, Stearns fared better, taking an 8-5 decision.

As the sixth seed at 157, Fazio took a major decision and an upset win over third seed Tommy Cunningham of VMI, 6-1, before falling to second seed Rob Morrison of Rider via pinfall. A 2-0 decision in the consolation semis put him in the third-place match, where he lost to five seed Chris Stout of American, 4-0.

Triggas, unseeded in the 133-pound bracket, pulled off a huge upset over top-seeded Terryl Williams of Appalachian State in the quarterfinals. After winning a pair of close decisions, Triggas pinned Williams, ranked 16th in the country at 133, in just 27 seconds. After falling to fourth-seed Rick Rappo of Penn in a narrow 4-3 decision, Triggas lost to second seed Zac Cunliffe of Rider in the consolation semis and Bryan Ortenzio of Penn in the fifth-place match.

The Bears lost the points that could have put them up to fourth at 125, when sophomore Greg Einfrank (Jefferson Valley, NY) suffered an injury and had to forfeit with just seven seconds remaining in his match against Frank Celorrio of Appalachian State, the sixth seed. Had Einfrank won, clinching at least sixth place, his points for placing would have put Brown into at least fifth.

#13 Tennessee-Chattanooga won the tournament with a score of 140.5, followed by #23 Penn at 125.5. #25 American, the third EIWA team at the competition, along with Brown and Penn, finished sixth, just two points ahead of the Bears.

Team Standings
1. #13 Tennessee-Chattanooga 140.5
2. #23 Penn 125.5
3. Appalachian State 80.5
4. Rider 68.0
5. Arizona State 66.5
6. #25 American 63.5
7. Brown 61.5
8. Mercyhurst 57.5
9. Boston University 50.0
10. Virginia Military Institute 33.0

Brown Results

125 pounds
Greg Einfrank
Round of 16: Einfrank dec. 7-seed Fred Santaite (BU), 6-3
Quarterfinals: 2-seed Rollie Peterkin (Penn) major dec. Einfrank, 13-4
3rd Cons. Rd.: Einfrank dec. Tim Clarke (American), 5-4
4th Cons Rd.: Frank Celorrio (App. St.) Inj Default Einfrank, 6:53

133 pounds
John Triggas (6th place)
Pigtail Round: Triggas dec. Danny Galvan (Ariz. St.), 6-3
Round of 16: Triggas dec. Alex Cournoyer (BU), 10-8
Quarterfinal: Triggas WBF #16 1-seed Terryl Williams (App. St.), 0:27
Semifinal: 4-seed Rick Rappo (Penn) dec. Triggas, 4-3
Cons. Semifinal: 2-seed Zac Cunliffe (Rider) dec. Triggas, 4-0
Fifth-Place Match: Bryan Ortenzio (Penn) major dec. Triggas, 15-3

3-seed Jeff Schell
Round of 16: Schell WBF Sharif Gray (VMI), 5:47
Quarterfinal: Bryan Ortenzio (Penn) dec. Schell, 5-1
3rd Cons. Rd.: Schell WBF Alex Cournoyer (BU), 5:56
4th Cons. Rd.: 2-seed Zac Cunliffe (Rider) dec. Schell, 7-1

Ross Baldwin
Round of 16: 4-seed Rick Rappo (Penn) dec. Baldwin, 7-2
2nd Cons. Rd.: Baldwin dec. Chris Clarke (American), 7-5
3rd Cons. Rd.: 2-seed Zac Cunliffe (Rider) major dec. Baldwin, 11-2

Eli Harris
Round of 16: 7-seed Steve Hromada (UTC) dec. Harris, 5-3
1st Cons. Rd.: Harris dec. Danny Galvan (Ariz. St.), 3-1
2nd Cons. Rd.: Abbie Rush (BU) dec. Harris, 6-2

141 Pounds
6-seed Mark Savino
Round of 16: Fred Rodgers (Rider) dec. Savino, 5-4
1st Cons. Rd.: Savino dec. Ryan Scott (App. St.), 5-2
2nd Cons. Rd.: Savino dec. 4-seed Marcus Cox (App. St.), 11-4
3rd Cons. Rd.: Orlando Jimenez (Ariz. St.) WBF Savino, 1:40

Dave Foxen
Round of 16: 4-seed Marcus Cox (App. St.) major dec. Foxen, 16-5
2nd Cons. Rd.: Fred Rodgers (Rider) dec. Foxen, 6-1

Ricky Bailey
Round of 16: 2-seed Kyle Borshoff (American) WBF Bailey, 4:49
1st Cons. Rd.: Orlando Jimenez (Ariz. St.) dec. Bailey, 9-4

149 Pounds
8-seed Mark Bloom
Round of 16: Brian Pogel (Mercyhurst) dec. Bloom, 4-1
2nd Cons. Rd.: Bloom major dec. Jerrad Trulson (Ariz. St.), 14-4
3rd Cons. Rd.: #20 3-seed Joey Knox (UTC) dec. Bloom, 8-3

Stephen DeLorenzo
Round of 16: 5-seed Mike Roberts (BU) WBF DeLorenzo, 3:42
1st Cons. Rd.: 6-seed David Metzler (VMI) major dec. DeLorenzo, 8-0

Bryan Tracy
Round of 16: Don Cummings (Mercyhurst) WBF Tracy, 4:31
2nd Cons. Rd.: Tracy dec. Nick Pitas (American), 6-2
3rd Cons. Rd.: Brian Pogel (Mercyhurst) dec. Tracy, 7-2

157 Pounds
6-seed Tom Fazio (4th Place)
Round of 16: Fazio major dec. Ben Mandelbrant (BU), 10-1
Quarterfinal: Fazio dec. 3-seed Tommy Cunningham (VMI), 6-1
Semifinal: 2-seed Rob Morrison (Rider) WBF Fazio, 2:17
Cons. Semifinal: Fazio dec. Alex Pavlenko (Ariz. St.), 2-0
Third-Place Match: 5-seed Chris Stout (American) dec. Fazio, 4-0

Lenny Marandino
Round of 16: Marandino dec. Dimitri Laurent (BU), 5-1
Quarterfinal: 1-seed Seth Garvin (UTC) major dec. Marandino, 11-2
2nd Cons. Rd.: Alex Pavlenko (Ariz. St.) WBF Marandino, 1:44

Steve Depew
Round of 16: 4-seed Carlo Ferrandino (BU) dec. Depew, 8-3
1st Cons. Rd.: Andrew Coles (Penn) dec. Depew, 5-3

165 Pounds
Kasey McCurdy
Round of 16: 5-seed Tommy Hutchinson (App. St.) dec. McCurdy, 3-0
2nd Cons. Rd.: 6-seed C.J. Inglin (BU) dec. McCurdy, 4-2

174 Pounds
Bran Crudden
Round of 16: 4-seed Colin Hitschler (Penn) dec. Crudden, 10-3
1st Cons. Rd.: Crudden WBF Andrew Semple (American), 3:16
2nd Cons. Rd.: 6-seed Dustin McCabe (VMI) Inj. Default Crudden

Andrew Jimenez
Round of 16: Jimenez dec. Joe Ferber (Rider) 3-1, SV1
Quarterfinal: #18 1-seed Lloyd Rogers (UTC) WBF Jimenez, 1:35
2nd Cons. Rd.: 7-seed Kyle McKee (UTC) dec. Jimenez, 3-1

Brandon Shull
Round of 16: 6-seed Dustin McCabe (VMI) major dec. Shull, 8-0
2nd Cons. Rd.: 5-seed Scott Giffin (Penn) dec. Shull, 7-1

184 Pounds
Matt Gevelinger
Round of 16: #13 1-seed Doug Umbehauer (Rider) dec. Gevelinger, 7-6
2nd Cons. Rd.: Gevelinger inj. default Jake Cranford (Ariz. St.)
3rd Cons. Rd.: 6-seed Dylan Temple (App. St.) dec. Gevelinger, 8-2

197 Pounds
5-seed Branden Stearns (3rd Place)
Quarterfinal: 4-seed John Hall (BU) dec. Stearns, 3-2
2nd Cons. Rd.: Stearns dec. Larry Otsuka (Brown), 4-0
3rd Cons. Rd.: Stearns WBF Ronnie Ellsworth (VMI), 4:10
Cons. Semifinal: Stearns inj. default 3-seed John Sullivan (Penn)
Third-Place Match: Stearns dec. Hall, 8-5

Larry Otsuka
Round of 16: 6-seed Trevor Gallo (Mercyhurst) WBF Otsuka, 5:57
2nd Cons. Rd. 5-seed Branden Stearns (Brown) dec. Otsuka, 4-0

285 Pounds
1-seed Levon Mock (1st Place)
Round of 16: Mock dec. Quinton Pruett (Ariz. St.), 4-0
Quarterfinal: Mock inj. default 8-seed Jayson Bowlsby (Penn)
Semifinal: Mock dec. 5-seed Kenny Lester (Ariz. St.), 5-2
Championship Match: Mock major dec. 2-seed Trey McLean (Penn), 12-3

Zach Zdrada (4th Place)
Round of 16: 2-seed Trey McLean (Penn) dec. Zdrada, 6-4
1st Cons. Rd.: Zdrada tech fall 7-seed Jim Connors (BU), 18-3, 6:00
2nd Cons. Rd.: Zdrada inj default 8-seed Jayson Bowlsby (Penn)
3rd Cons. Rd.: Zdrada inj default 3-seed Mike Sullivan (Mercyhurst)
Cons. Semifinal: Zdrada major dec. Jared Campbell (App. St.), 9-0
Third-Place Match: Matt Letner (UTC) dec. Zdrada, 8-4