Schell Takes Second As Bears Finish Eighth At Brockport-Oklahoma Gold Classic

Schell Takes Second As Bears Finish Eighth At Brockport-Oklahoma Gold Classic

Nov. 11, 2007

Brockport, NY - Five Bears placed in the top five in their draw, as the Brown wrestling team opened its season at the Brockport-Oklahoma Gold Classic at SUNY Brockport on Saturday. Senior co-captain Jeff Schell (Zion Grove, PA) had the Bears' top finish, placing second at 133 pounds, as Brown finished eighth as a team with 63.5 points. Also placing were juniors Chris Musser (Vestal, NY) and Lenny Marandino (Redding, CA), and sophomores Mark Bloom (Manchester, NY) and Greg Einfrank (Jefferson Valley, NY).

Schell had the best championship bracket showing by far. He majored his first-round opponent, 14-2, then beat Kent State's Clayton Stark in the second round, 7-3, avenging his 3-2 loss to Stark at last year's Brockport-Oklahoma Gold Classic. Schell won a close 3-2 decision over William Simpson of Army, who was ranked one spot ahead of him at fifth in the EIWA preseason rankings, to advance to the championship. There, he nearly upset 12th-ranked Dan Mitcheff of Kent State, but fell, 2-1.

Musser had the Bears' second-best finish, coming in fourth in his first career competition at 165 pounds. After falling, 5-3, in his first match of the day, Musser tore through the consolation bracket, pinning his next two opponents in under two minutes. A 7-2 decision and an injury default placed Musser in the third-place match, where he lost a narrow 6-5 decision to Chad Porter of Liberty.

Bloom, Einfrank, and Marandino all placed fifth in their respective classes. Bloom and Einfrank both lost their first matches, at 149 and 125, respectively, only to face those same opponents in the fifth-place match and win. After losing to Scott Clymer of Liberty, 6-4, Bloom won a major decision, narrowly defeated teammate Stephen DeLorenzo (Wantagh, NY), 3-2, and defeated his next foe, 6-3. He lost to eventual third-place finisher Clint Sponseller of Kent State, 9-4, before avenging his loss to Clymer, 9-7.

Einfrank lost his opening match to Kevin Smith of Buffalo, 6-4. He followed that with 7-0, 4-2, and 4-1 decisions, including one over Greg Cannon of Oklahoma, before falling to the Sooners' Joey Fio, 12-6. He dominated Smith in their rematch, 11-3, to take fifth.

Marandino faced a tough first-round draw in eventual first-place finisher Chad Terry of Oklahoma, losing 10-4. He picked up an 18-0 tech fall and two decisions before narrowly losing to Shawn Smith of Liberty, 4-3. He won fifth place with a 9-6 decision over Chris Grill of Army.

Brown's deepest class at the meet was 149. Behind Bloom, both DeLorenzo and returning starter Bryan Tracy (Williamstown, NJ) performed well. DeLorenzo pinned his first opponent before narrowly falling, 2-0, to eventual second-place finisher Dana Gingerich of Buffalo. His next match was his 3-2 loss to Bloom. Tracy was majored in his opening match, but won two close decisions before being eliminated by Clymer.

Also of note were the tough draws faced by Brown's two heavyweights, senior co-captain Levon Mock (Bangor, MI) and junior Zach Zdrada (Atkinson, NH). Mock, a returning NCAA qualifier, opened with Army's Nathan Thobaben, against whom he was 1-2 last year, including a loss in the EIWA Championship third-place match. After a pinfall loss to Thobaben, Mock was matched up against Mike Spaid of Bloomsburg, the fifth-ranked heavyweight in the country, who also pinned him.

Zdrada had similarly poor luck. He opened with 16th-ranked Jermail Porter of Kent State, who defeated him in an 11-5 decision. Zdrada pinned his next opponent in under two minutes before losing in his next match by pinfall.

Oklahoma won the tournament by 72.5 points, winning eight of the 10 weight classes. Brown's fellow EIWA members Army and Rutgers finished fourth and seventh, respectively.

The Bears will be back in action next weekend, when they travel to Penn for the Keystone Classic on Sunday.

Team Standings
1. #19 Oklahoma 177.5
2. Buffalo 105.0
3. Kent State 104.0
4. Army 99.0
5. Bloomsburg 92.5
6. Liberty 87.5
7. Rutgers 86.5
8. Brown 63.5
9. Brockport 11.0

Brown Results (Team points in parentheses)

125 Pounds
Greg Einfrank (Fifth Place)
Round of 16: Kevin Smith (Buffalo) dec. Einfrank, 6-4
1st Cons. Round: Einfrank dec. Ryan Fisklin (Rutgers), 7-0
2nd Cons. Round: Einfrank dec. Lance Penhale (Army), 4-2
3rd Cons. Round: Einfrank dec. Greg Cannon (Oklahoma), 4-1 (4 tp)
Cons. Semifinal: Joey Fio (Oklahoma) dec. Einfrank, 12-6
Fifth-Place Match: Einfrank major dec. Kevin Smith (Buffalo), 11-3 (3 tp)

133 Pounds
Jeff Schell (Second Place)
(2 tp for bye)
Round of 16: Schell major dec. Ian DeSol (Bloomsburg), 14-2 (3 tp)
Quarterfinals: Schell dec. Clayton Stark (Kent State), 7-3 (5 tp)
Semifinals: Schell dec. William Simpson (Army), 3-2 (11 tp)
Championship Match: #12 Dan Mitcheff (Kent State) dec. Schell, 2-1

Ross Baldwin
Round of 16: Dan Hilt (Rutgers) dec. Baldwin, 5-3
(1 tp for bye)
2nd Cons. Round: Baldwin dec. Josh Bellinger (Brockport), 7-2 (1 tp)
3rd Cons. Round: Clayton Stark (Kent State) dec. Baldwin, 9-3

John Triggas
Round of 16: #12 Dan Mitcheff (Kent State) major dec. Triggas, 14-6
2nd Cons. Round: Jason Guffey (Bloomsburg) dec. Triggas, 11-7

Eli Harris
Pigtail Round: Jason Guffey (Bloomsburg) major dec. Harris, 10-0
1st Cons. Round: TJ Mitchell (Liberty) dec. Harris, 7-4

141 Pounds
Mark Savino
(2 tp for bye)
Round of 16: Savino dec. Alex Laughenberger (Bloomsburg), 11-4 (2 tp)
Quarterfinals: #17 Kyle Terry (Oklahoma) dec. Savino, 4-0
3rd Cons. Round: Andrew Stella (Buffalo) dec. Savino, 6-3

Dave Foxen
Round of 16: Darren Kem (Bloomsburg) WBF Foxen, 2:45
(1 tp for bye)
2nd Cons. Round: Foxen dec. Jeremy Depoy (Kent State), 10-7 (1 tp)
3rd Cons. Round: #16 Matt Kyler (Army) WBF Foxen, 6:09

Ricky Bailey
Round of 16: Tim Harner (Liberty) WBF Bailey, 2:54
2nd Cons. Round: Andrew Stella (Buffalo) dec. Bailey, 10-4

149 Pounds
Mark Bloom (Fifth Place)
Round of 16: Scott Clymer (Liberty) dec. Bloom, 6-4
(1 tp for bye)
2nd Cons. Round: Bloom major dec. Jake Bohn (Brockport), 17-8 (2 tp)
3rd Cons. Round: Bloom dec. Stephen DeLorenzo (Brown), 3-2 (2 tp)
4th Cons. Round: Bloom dec. Rudy Chelednik (Army), 6-3 (3 tp)
Cons. Semifinals: Clint Sponseller (Kent State) dec. Bloom, 9-4
Fifth-Place Match: Bloom dec. Scott Clymer (Liberty), 9-7 (2 tp)

Bryan Tracy
Round of 16: Jack Barrett (Rutgers) major dec. Tracy, 13-5
(1 tp for bye)
2nd Cons. Round: Tracy dec. Matt Sansone (Oklahoma), 5-4 (1 tp)
3rd. Cons. Round: Tracy dec. Spencer Kent (Rutgers), 3-1 (2 tp)
4th Cons. Round: Scott Clymer (Liberty) dec. Tracy, 5-0

Stephen DeLorenzo
(2 tp for bye)
Round of 16: DeLorenzo WBF James Forsyth (Brockport), 4:36 (4 tp)
Quarterfinals: Dana Gingerich (Buffalo) dec. DeLorenzo, 2-0
3rd Cons. Round: Mark Bloom (Brown) dec. DeLorenzo, 3-2

157 Pounds
Lenny Marandino (Fifth Place)
Round of 16: Chad Terry (Oklahoma) dec. Marandino, 10-4
1st Cons. Round: Marandino Tech Fall Julian Colon (Liberty), 18-0 (1.5 tp)
2nd Cons. Round: Marandino dec. Chris Norell (Rutgers), 10-6
3rd Cons. Round: Marandino dec. Shane Vernon (Oklahoma), 7-3 (4 tp)
Cons. Semifinals: Shawn Smith (Liberty) dec. Marandino, 4-3
Fifth-Place Match: Marandino dec. Chris Grill (Army), 9-6 (2 tp)

Tom Fazio
Round of 16: Chris Grill (Army) WBF Fazio, 5:38
1st Cons. Round: Fazio WBF Donald Williams (Brockport), 0:58 (2 tp)
2nd Cons. Round: Fazio Tech Fall Jamie Lijo (Rutgers), 15-0 (1.5 tp)
3rd Cons. Round: John Cummings (Buffalo) WBF Fazio, 2:51

Steve Depew
Round of 16: John Cummings (Buffalo) dec. Depew, 4-1
1st Cons. Round: Depew dec. Mike Cole (Brockport), 7-2
2nd Cons. Round: Shane Vernon (Oklahoma) major dec. Depew, 14-2

165 Pounds
Chris Musser (Fourth Place)
Round of 16: Rob Hoffman (Bloomsburg) dec. Musser, 5-3
1st Cons. Round: Musser WBF Tim Dean (Army), 1:45 (2 tp)
2nd Cons. Round: Musser WBF Matt Rigigliosa (Rutgers), 1:57 (2 tp)
3rd Cons. Round: Musser dec. Shawn Putnam (Rutgers), 7-2 (4 tp)
Cons. Semifinals: Musser Inj. Default Rob Hoffman (Bloomsburg) (6 tp)
Third-Place Match: Chad Porter (Liberty) dec. Musser, 6-5

Alex Siedlecki
Round of 16: Siedlecki dec. John Drew (Army), 9-7 (1 tp)
Quarterfinals: #14 Max Dean (Oklahoma) Inj. default Siedlecki
2nd Cons. Round: Shawn Putnam (Rutgers) Inj. Default Siedlecki

Kasey McCurdy
Round of 16: Shaheim Bradshaw (Brockport) major dec. McCurdy, 10-1
1st Cons. Round: John Plycraft (Kent State) major dec. McCurdy, 15-5

174 Pounds
Bran Crudden
Round of 16: Jeff James (Oklahoma) dec. Crudden, 11-4
1st Cons. Round: Crudden dec. Andrew Jimenez (Brown), 5-1 (1 tp)
2nd Cons. Round: Crudden dec. Brian Shaw (Bloomsburg), 3-2
3rd Cons. Round: Dean Gaier (Army) WBF Crudden, 5:13

Brandon Shull
Round of 16: Greg Heinz (Kent State) WBF Shull, 3:43
2nd Cons. Round: Jake Vetter (Army) major dec. Shull, 11-1

Andrew Jimenez
Pigtail Round: Chris DeVilbiss (Oklahoma) WBF Jimenez, 4:40
1st Cons. Round: Bran Crudden (Brown) dec. Jimenez, 5-1

184 Pounds
No Competitors

197 Pounds
Branden Stearns
Round of 16: Nick Parisi (Army) major dec. Stearns, 13-2
1st Cons. Round: Stearns dec. Jason Weber (Buffalo), 6-1
2nd Cons. Round: Stearns WBF Karim Mahmoud (Rutgers), 4:06 (2 tp)
3rd Cons. Round: Jonathan Campbell (Liberty) major dec. Stearns, 11-3

Larry Otsuka
Round of 16: Jacoby Johnson (Liberty) dec. Otsuka, 11-8
2nd Cons. Round: Daniel Schiering (Army) dec. Otsuka, 7-0

285 Pounds
Zach Zdrada
Round of 16: #15 Jermail Porter (Kent State) dec. Zdrada, 11-5
1st Cons. Round: Zdrada WBF Salvatore Montesanti (Buffalo), 1:35 (2 tp)
2nd Cons. Round: Jeff Parker (Buffalo) WBF Zdrada, 5:03

Levon Mock
Round of 16: Nathan Thobaben (Army) WBF Mock, 2:34
2nd Cons. Round: #5 Mike Spaid (Bloomsburg) WBF Mock, 1:36