Frease, Ciarcia Continue to Win

March 7, 2003

After the first round of the EIWA Championships the Brown University Wrestling team is in eighth place with a total of 27.50 points. Still competing in the winners bracket for the Bears are senior Clint Frease (Clearwater, FL) and junior Nick Ciarcia (Berlin, CT).

Frease defeated Kniexewski of American and Gulosh of Navy at 149. Ciarcia, who received a bye in the first round, defeated Bullock of Penn at 184.

Freshman Lucas Magnani (Islip, NY) defeated Princeton's Seth Dunipace at 125, then fell in the second round of the winner's bracket to Valenti of Penn. Magnani went on to defeat Filbert of Franklin & Marshall and will continue action in the loser's bracket tomorrow.

Freshman Dan Appello ( Roselle Park, NJ) fell in the first round at 133 to Meltzer of Harvard, he then went on to defeat Smith of East Stroudsburg in the loser's bracket. Appello will face Gardner of Army as he continues to compete tomorrow.

Senior Jason Mercado (Pitman, NJ) returned to action after being out due to injury and defeated Dunkin of Army at 149 in the first round. He then lost to Giuricich of Penn in the second round. Mercado then faced Knorring of Princeton in the loser's bracket and won. He will also continue action tomorrow for the Bears.

Sophomore Michael Savino (Lawrenceville, NJ) was defeated in the first round to Carbonaro of Navy at 157. Savino then competed in the loser's bracket where he lost to Vanderveer of Penn.

Senior Chris Ayers (Newton, NJ) competed at 165 and defeated Mihalko of East Stroudsburg to advance to the second round. He then lost to Edwards of Navy. As he continued action in the loser's bracket, Ayers defeated Wiggins of Princeton and will continue tomorrow.

Junior Adam Santee (Perry, OH) was defeated by Herrington of Penn at 174 in the first round and went on to loose to Lazzo of Navy in his first round of the Loser's bracket.

Freshman Doran Heist (Meadville, PA) was defeated by Velekei of Penn in the first round at 197. Heist then went on to compete in the loser's bracket where he lost to Forsman of Army.

Freshman heavyweight Lee Beane (Bridgewater, MA) has defeated by Corl of Harvrda in the first round, but then went on to defeat Hyman of American. Beane will continue action in the loser's bracket tomorrow as the EIWA Championships continue.