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Craig Kinsley '11: Update from London Olympics

Craig Kinsley '11: Update from London Olympics

By virtue of his third-place showing in the javelin at the U.S. Trials in late June, and a personal-record in early June of 82.31-meters / 270'-0.5" that surpassed the requisite qualifying standard, former Brown University track and field standout Craig Kinsley '11 earned a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team, becoming the second graduate in as many Olympics to don the US uniform (Anna Pierce (nee Willard) '06, 3000-meter Steeplechase, Beijing 2008). In late July, he moved his preparations to Team USA's training camp in Birmingham, England, and recently settled into the Athlete's Olympic Village in London. Craig has been soaking up his experience while staying focused on the Qualification Round this Wednesday at 2:05pm Easter Time (details on how to watch are below).

"Being an Olympian who competes in the very last few days of the games is an interesting experience," commented Brown Director of Track and Field, Michelle Eisenreich, who has coached Craig for the last five years and is continues to do so in London. "There are times where the magnitude of being a member of the US Olympic team hits Craig full force, like when he got off the plane or during the opening ceremonies."

As he readies himself to face the best javelin throwers in the world on track and field's biggest stage, finding some semblance of regularity has been a primary focus. As Coach Eisenreich points out, "There are also times where the discipline of training and the routine of an elite athlete are most prominent. The most successful athletes at the Games know how to balance both, and I think Craig has been doing a terrific job."

The magnitude of the Games can present a challenging paradox for athletes and coaches in terms of training: faced with the top competition in the world, it is an understandable tendency to squeeze more from one's training in the final days, hoping for one more leap in performance, but in doing so each athlete and coach risks fatiguing the body and mind. Extending the level-headed approach to training and peaking that has helped Craig make progress each year, Coach Eisenreich said, "In the last few days of training, we will be working on fine tuning his technique, reinforcing his rhythm on the runway and recovery to maximize his speed and power."

With just two days to go before putting on the Team USA uniform this Wednesday to take aim at qualifying to the Medal Round (held on Saturday), Kinsley seems primed to put forward a strong performance. "Both he and I are confident he will be in great shape to produce one of his longest throws," said Coach Eisenreich. All of the Brown athletics and track and field community are behind him!

Men's Javelin Qualification Round: Wednesday, August 8th, 2:05pm Eastern Time.

Start List & Results:

How to View: online live streaming, coverage* starting at 1:55pm Eastern Time:

*Have available your account information for your cable provider, NBC's method of granting access online. If you do not have cable, NBC grants a one-time viewing of four hours of online Olympics coverage. Watching live will be the only way to see Craig compete since evening television highlights will not focus on the javelin.

Men's Javelin Medal Round: Saturday, August 11th, 2:20pm Eastern Time.

How to View: online live streaming, coverage* starting at 2:10pm Eastern Time:

*The same system applies for watching the final: your cable account information is required or you can utilize a one-time free viewing.

Local Coverage (video, including Craig training) from NBC Connecticut prior to his departure:!/news/sports/Fairfield-Olympian-Throwing-for-Gold/163472606

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