Bears to Host Rock N' Roll Tennis Double Header Friday Night

PROVIDENCE, RI - Tonight will mark another historical landmark for college tennis with the nation's first ever Rock N' Roll College Tennis Double Header. The event comes a year after Brown hosted BU in the first-ever Rock N' Roll match, during which music was played for the duration of the match. It was the first time ever that a college tennis match was played with the Rock N' Roll concept, as Coach Harris and Ed Krass worked to create an exciting environment for the fans and players.

The event was such a success that Harris decided to double up on it this year and bring in two great Patriot League teams with some talented and open-minded coaches. Lehigh coach Dave Shook attended last year's event as a spectator and immediately asked to be involved, and Colgate coach Bobby Pennington is not only bringing his team this year, but already plans to have his team compete in a similar event next season.

So what is this Rock n Roll College Tennis about? For starters, a playlist of music will boom from Brown's new state of the art sound system for the duration of the pre-match warm-ups and then right into actual match play. In addition to the adjustment of the sound levels, there will also be an adjustment in the match format. A normal college tennis match consists of three doubles pro-sets and then six singles matches. For this Rock n Roll format, the 'four/one' will be used. That means the match will start with four singles matches, which will be followed by one doubles pro-set, to be played on the first open court. Using this format will cut the match time almost in half and will make the product much more fan friendly. Free Antonio's pizza will also be given out to fans during the matches.