Cory Gibbs '01 Featured By The Ivy League

Cory Gibbs '01 Featured By The Ivy League

Feb. 1, 2007

He was a man on the verge of fulfilling a lifelong dream. Named to the 2006 United States World Cup team, Brown graduate Cory Gibbs was about a week away from traveling to Germany with Coach Bruce Arena's squad.

Gibbs had played 90 minutes in a tuneup match against Morocco in Nashville, Tenn., and had gotten through the friendly without injury... so he thought.

"My injury must have happened during the game, but I didn't notice it," he told Sean O'Conor of Yanks Abroad, a soccer website, in December. "There was nothing I could pinpoint during the game, but after, when I was in the locker room taking a shower, the swelling began."

Yet he didn't fully comprehend what the swelling was telling him, or maybe he didn't want to. Gibbs intended to start against Venezuela in Cleveland, but the day before a detailed examination revealed the extent of the injury and the news was bad -- a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

His trip to his first World Cup was off. Instead of running out to the pitch before sellouts in Germany with 'USA' on his chest, he was facing surgery. "It was devastating, to be honest," he said.

There are a number of variations of the quote, but message is the same -- the ultimate measure of a person is not how they stand in moments in comfort, but how they stand at times of challenge.

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