Ben Rosenblatt Named CoSIDA Academic All-American

Ben Rosenblatt Named CoSIDA Academic All-American

Providence, R.I.  - Brown University senior kicker Ben Rosenblatt (Newton Center, MA) has been named to the 2017 CoSIDA Academic All-America® Division I Football Team, as selected by the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA). He was selected a Second Team Academic All-American.

No less than 33 of the 50 members of the 2017 CoSIDA Academic All-America® Division I Football Team have at least a 3.90 G.P.A., with 14 student-athletes maintaining a perfect 4.00 GPA as either undergraduate or graduate students. The 25 members of the first team have an average GPA of 3.94.

Rosenblatt, an Economics concentrator with a 3.88 GPA, is known for his deep kick-offs and had Brown ranked fourth nationally in kickoff return defense, allowing just 11 kick-off returns the entire season. He connected on a 19-yard field goal in Brown's win over Rhode Island, and booted a 27-yard field goal vs. Dartmouth at Fenway Park.

A transfer from Trinity, Rosenblatt walked-on to the Brown squad for the last three games of the 2016 season and made an immediate impact. He was named Ivy League Special Teams Player of the Week after games vs. Yale and at Dartmouth last season.  His 52-yard field goal at Dartmouth was the 9th-longest in Ivy League history and 2nd-longest in Brown history.


Pos.    Name                                  School                                                                        Yr.     GPA             Major

QB       Justin Herbert                Oregon                                                                       So.     4.08            Biology

RB        Justice Hill                       Oklahoma State                                                    So.     3.86            Finance

RB        Tucker Yinger (2)           Dayton                                                                       Sr.      3.81            Mechanical Engineering

WR      Braxton Berrios             Miami (Fla.)                                                             Sr.      3.96            Finance / Entrepreneurship

WR      Jacob Sannon                 Idaho                                                                           Gr.     3.91/4.0 Accounting (UG) / Accounting (G)

TE         John David Moore       LSU                                                                               Sr.      4.00            Architecture

OL        Cole Chewins                  Michigan State                                                      Jr.      3.91            Finance

OL        Mason Hampton (1) Boise State                                                                 Sr.      3.97            Accountancy

OL        Will Hopkins                   SMU                                                                             Gr.     3.93            MS Management

OL        Jacob Judd (2)                Western Illinois                                                    Gr.     4.00            Law Enforcement & Justice Admin.

OL        Brad Lundblade (1)     Oklahoma State                                                    Sr.      3.89            Marketing / Management

K           Josh Williams                 SMU                                                                             Jr.      3.96            Finance

ST         Tyler Stovall                    Auburn                                                                       Gr.     3.94/4.00                                                                                                     Business Marketing (UG) / MBA (G)

DL        Nathan Clayberg           Drake                                                                           Sr.      3.82            Finance / Accounting

DL        Seth Hope (2)                  Cornell                                                                       Sr.      3.84            Applied Economics & Management

DL        Anthony Nelson            Iowa                                                                             So.     3.89            Accounting

DL        Kyle Reisert                      New Hampshire                                                    Sr.      4.00            Mechanical Engineering

LB        Kenneth Brinson          U.S. Military Academy                                      Jr.      4.06            Chemical Engineering
LB        Chris Weber                    Nebraska                                                                   Sr.      3.96            Nutrition Science

LB        Alex White                       Harvard                                                                      Sr.      3.89            Biomedical Engineering

DB       David Leisring (2)         Dayton                                                                       Jr.      3.94            Finance

DB       Max Michaels (2)          San Diego                                                                  Sr.      3.95            Accountancy

DB       Chandon Sullivan        Georgia State                                                          Sr.      3.84            Journalism

DB       Marlon Walls (1)           Stephen F. Austin                                                 Sr.      4.00            Engineering Physics

P           Ryan Anderson              Rutgers                                                                       Gr.     4.00            Business Administration (UG)



Pos.    Name                                  School                                                                        Yr.     GPA             Major

QB       Kurt Benkert                   Virginia                                                                      Gr.     3.69/3.78                                                                                                     Finance (UG) / Higher Education (G)

RB        Chris Schroer                  Columbia                                                                  Sr.      3.94            Sociology

RB        Marcus Weymiller       Northern Iowa                                                       Jr.      3.96            Political Science

WR      Marcus Cummins         UC Davis                                                                    So.     3.91            Psychology

WR      Mitchell Herbert          Montana State                                                       Sr.      3.84            Cell Biology & Neuroscience

TE         Britton Abbott              Oklahoma State                                                    Sr.      3.95            Management & Marketing

OL        Jesse Burkett                   Stanford                                                                    Sr.      3.50            Japanese / Symbolic Systems

OL        Wes Genant                     South Dakota State                                             So.     3.97            Biochemistry

OL        Adam Holtorf                 Kansas State                                                            Jr.      3.94            Agribusiness

OL        Justin Outslay                Portland State                                                       Sr.      3.91            Business Finance

OL        Max Scharping               Northern Illinois                                                  Gr.     3.99/3.67                                                                                                     Exercise Phys. / Fitness Leadership

K           Ben Rosenblatt             Brown                                                                         Sr.      3.88            Economics

ST         Parker Henry                   Tennessee                                                                 Sr.      4.00            Finance

DL        Parker Hesse                    Iowa                                                                             Jr.      3.72            Interdepartmental Studies

DL        Harrison Phillips          Stanford                                                                    Sr.      3.35            Sci., Technology & Society / Soc.

DL        Isaac Sexton                    Dayton                                                                       Jr.      3.96            Chemical Engineering

DL        Hunter Winstead         Liberty                                                                        Gr.     4.00/4.00                                                                                                     Gov. and Int. Bus. (UG) / MBA (G)

LB        Dalton Cox                       South Dakota State                                             Jr.      4.00            Eco. / Entrepreneurial Studies

LB        Brett Taylor                     Western Illinois                                                    Gr.     3.90            Sports Management

LB        Adam Wollet                  Robert Morris (Pa.)                                             Jr.      4.00            Finance & Management

DB       Jordan Fuller                  Ohio State                                                                So.     3.82            Sport Industry

DB       Tanner Lee                        Harvard                                                                      Sr.      3.77            Applied Mathematics

DB       Nick Marino                    New Hampshire                                                    Gr.     3.86/4.00                                                                                                     Mechanical Engineering

DB       Zach Shipley                    Murray State                                                           Gr.     3.97            Health & Physical Education

P           Joseph Davidson (1) (#)Bowling Green                                                   Sr.      3.96            Mathematics / Finance


CoSIDA Academic All-America® of the Year:  Marlon Walls, Stephen F. Austin


(1) – CoSIDA Academic All-America® first team selection in 2016

(2) – CoSIDA Academic All-America® second team selection in 2016

(#) – CoSIDA Academic All-America® second team selection in 2015