Brown Football Sponsors Bench Press For Cancer

Brown Football Sponsors Bench Press For Cancer

Providence, Rhode Island - Brown Football Team is hosting a fundraising event called "Bench Press for Cancer" on the Main Green on Monday, November 7th, 2011.  Combining dedication to physical training and dedication to helping others, this event is a bench press contest in which all proceeds will go to The American Cancer Society. Bench Press for Cancer has grown each year with $20,000 raised last year and over $80,000 in its six-year existence.


In 2010, approximately 150 varsity football players and other student-athletes, teams and students participated in the contest. The event includes music, megaphones, athletes dressed in "Bench Press for Cancer" t-shirts, volunteers and spectators that create a fun community atmosphere that will attract attention (and donations) to the cause.


Participants will bench press a weight of 165 lbs or 75 lbs for as many repetitions as they can.  The more repetitions they bench, the more money is raised for cancer.  Individuals can pledge in the following way:


1)    Participants acquire "per rep" pledges (ex: $5 per rep) so that the amount of money increases with the number of reps he/she benches.  Donations will be collected after the event.

2)    Before and during the event, flat sum donations are accepted.

3)     "Bench Press for Cancer" t-shirts will be sold during and after the event.


How you can help:


1)    Go directly to a participant to make a per rep donation.


2)    For a flat sum donation, please write a check to Bench Press For Cancer and bring it to the Football Office.

3)    T-shirts can be purchased during the event. T-shirts are $15 with 100-percent of the proceeds being donated to The American Cancer Society


For more information contact Brett Wyman at