Men's Crew Fall to Penn and Princeton

Men's Crew Fall to Penn and Princeton

May 5, 2002

Brown coach Paul Cooke was disappointed in his crew's performance. "We rowed too high and too short," he said. "And Princeton looked good. They were better than I expected. They rowed very well and they really controlled the race."

The day started badly for the Bears when the freshman eight, which had hoped to make a strong showing against Princeton's top-ranked freshman eight were forced out of the race with a broken rudder at the halfway point. The Brown frosh were just under a length behind Princeton and well ahead of Pennsylvania when the mishap occurred.

Brown falls to 3-3 on the season and will return to action on May 11 for a competition at Princeton.

The times:

Varsity eights: Princeton, 5:51.2; Penn, 5:54.6; Brown, 5:55.3.

Second varsity eights: Princeton, 6:03.8; Brown, 6:06.9; Penn, 6:13.6.

Third varsity eights: Princeton, 6:23.2; Brown, 6:24.8; Penn, 6:25.7.

Second freshman fours: Princeton, 7:04.9; Brown, 7:07.3; Penn, 7:33.5.

Freshman eights: Princeton, 6:22.1; Penn, 6:41.1; Brown did not finish.