Men’s Crew Edged at Boston University

Men’s Crew Edged at Boston University

BOSTON – Brown men's crew picked up a victory in the varsity four, but Boston University won a tightly contested varsity eight race to take back the Michalson Cup Sunday on the Charles River.

In the varsity race, BU used a quick start to hold a five-seat lead at the 500 mark, before the Bears battled back over the next 1,000 meters, trimming the deficit to two seats with 500 meters remaining. Nevertheless, the Terriers held off Brown's comeback at the finish line, crossing at 6:02.07 for a narrow win over Bruno at 6:03.1. 

After a win in the second varsity, the Terrier also earned a slim win over Brown in the third varsity with a time of 6:18.7. The Bears crossed the line in a time of 6:19.2. Boston University also added a win in the fourth varsity at 6:23.3, holding back the Bears at 6:28.3. 

Brown captured a victory in the varsity four during the first race of the morning, winning at 7:05.00 before the Terriers crossed at 7:09.06.

Brown will visit Harvard next weekend when the two Ivy rivals battle for the Stein Cup on the Charles River.

Varsity 8:
Boston - 6:02.7
Brown - 6:03.1 

2nd Varsity 8:
Boston - 6:13.0
Brown - 6:18.9

3rd Varsity 8:
Boston - 6:18.7
Brown - 6:19.2

4th Varsity 8:
Boston - 6:23.3
Brown - 6:28.3

5th Varsity 4:
Brown - 7:05.0
Boston - 7:09.6

C: Benson Stevens
8: Rufus Biggs
7: Jack Abeel
6: Michael Cuellar
5: Alex Miklasevich
4: Andy Provost
3: Grant Bitler
2: Finn Meeks
1: Rich Caputo 

C: Neil Mckenzie
8: Oscar Bird
7: Peter Woolley
6: Charlie Patton
5: Max Lowndes
4: Daniel Boasberg
3: David Lazris
2: Micah Press
1: John McCann 

C: Chris Ten Eyck
8: Eric Blood
7: Eli Brown
6: Fabrice Guyot-Sionnest
5: Dylan Norris
4: Jacob Jamison
3: Jackson Dobronyi
2: Callum Rossi
1: Brian Hasegawa 

C: Lambert Li
8: Brandon Kingrey
7: Dan Meyer
6: Viggo Hoite
5: Caleb Friends
4: Anand Rajesh
3: Malcolm Nash
2: Alex DeVries
1: Josh Remland 

C: Karla Monge
4: Andrea Berghella
3: Nick Faulkner
2: Andrew Rose
1: Elijah Engelke