Men’s Crew Downs Princeton to Retain Content Cup

Men’s Crew Downs Princeton to Retain Content Cup

PRINCETON, N.J. – In the final race of the regular season before the Eastern Sprints, the Brown men's crew downed Princeton in the varsity eight event to retain the Content Cup Saturday morning in Princeton, N.J. 

In the opening 4V race, Brown jumped out to a strong start and was ahead of Princeton for the first 10 to 15 strokes of the race. At this point, both crews pulled even, and Princeton, gaining only one or two inches per stroke, slowly began to march forward for a slim lead. Brown was able to stop Princeton's momentum at the quarter mark, but as the race progressed, the Tigers showed that they had a little more base speed than Brown and took the victory.

In the 3rd Varsity race, the Tigers had a very quick start, jumping out to a four-seat lead early in the race. The Brown 3V stopped Princeton's advance after striding into their race pace, holding Princeton at their four-seat lead through the 500-meter mark. In the second quarter of the race, Princeton gradually extended its lead to about seven seats, showing a little stronger base speed than the Bears. At the halfway mark, Brown put in a strong push to regain a seat and held that mark through the third 500 meters. Nevertheless, Princeton pushed once more to the finish line, crossing about a length in front of the Bears for the win. 

The JV/Freshman race began with a characteristic fast start from Princeton, and by the end of the high strokes, the Tigers were two seats up on the Brown JV and four seats up on the Brown freshmen. The three crews held their stations through the first quarter of the race, jockeying for positions in preparation for an offensive move. The Brown JV then took a two-seat advantage over Princeton at the 500-meter mark, but the Tigers made a move at 750 meters, stopping Brown's momentum, while the Brown freshmen fell to a six-seat deficit. In the third 500, however, the Brown freshmen made a push and started to gain ground on the two varsity crews. By the end of the third 500, the freshmen had pulled back to only a two-seat deficit on the two evenly matched JV crews, but the Tigers held on for the win, while the Brown JV and freshmen finished second and third, respectively.

Princeton entered the Varsity Eight race with only one loss during the regular season and jumped out to an early one-seat lead in the high strokes. As both boats settled into their base rhythms, the Bears kept their composure while under pressure, and with powerful, efficient rowing, worked their way back to even terms with the Tigers by the 500-meter mark. Brown was set up to take control at the halfway mark, and with massive push, widened its lead to six-seats. Princeton answered back with a strong move at the 1,500-meter mark, but it was not enough to take down Brown's impressive lead as the Bears raced past the finish line with a slight open water advantage to retain the Content Cup. 

The Bears return to action on Sunday, May 19 when they take part in the EARC Sprints in Worcester, Mass. The event will also serve as the Ivy League Championship.   

Varsity 8
Brown - 5:46.3
Princeton - 5:49.6 

2nd V8
Princeton - 5:53.6
Brown - 5:56.3
Brown 1F - 5:58.1 

3rd V8
Princeton - 6:04.2
Brown - 6:07.0 

Princeton - 6:29.7
Brown - 6:41.5