Gymnasts Volunteer at Rhode Island Food Bank

Gymnasts Volunteer at Rhode Island Food Bank

March 5, 2005

The Brown Gymnastics Team team took advantage of the school holiday on Tuesday, Feb. 22 and visited the Rhode Island Food Bank for a day of volunteering.

The day began with an introductory video about the Food Bank and those it serves. The gymnasts and coaches then participated in a few hours of examining donated goods, cleaning items and repacking 400 boxes of goods to be delivered to local pantries and organizations.

"Helping out at the food bank gave us a chance to see the hands-on level of community service - how the donations get to the people who need it. There's a lot of labor that goes into it, so it takes more than just generosity to really make a difference in fighting hunger," said junior Jessie Pouchet.

The day concluded with a tour of the operation, which serves nearly 51,000 people every month. According to the Rhode Island Food Bank, every week, almost 70,000 pounds of salvaged food is delivered from Stop & Shop and Shaw's supermarkets, and volunteers are needed to sort through the food to determine its quality for consumption.

"The Rhode Island Food Bank is a very impressive organization, helping thousands of hungry people every day. We enjoyed contributing to its efforts and helping serve the community," said Head Coach Sara Carver-Milne.