Brown Fencers Defeat Vassar at Brandeis Invitational

Brown Fencers Defeat Vassar at Brandeis Invitational

Dec. 10, 2004

Waltham, MA - The Brandeis Invitational fencing meet, held Sunday, December 5, was a grueling but rewarding day for the Brown fencing team. Both the men's and women's teams squared off against MIT, host Brandeis University, national powerhouse St. John's University, Vassar College and Boston College. The women went 1-4 for the day, defeating Vassar but losing to St. John's and MIT, and coming within one nail-biting bout of victory over BC and Brandeis. The men won matches against Vassar and Boston College but were unable to overcome St John's, Brandeis and MIT, finishing the day 2-3.

There were several highlights in the midst of tough competition and frustrating losses. Two-time All-American Ruth Schneider '06 finished the day with the team's only undefeated record, 13-0 in women's epee. Her teammate Christine Livoti '08 managed an impressive 10-5 for the day. Schneider and Livoti anchored the women's epee squad to bring home a 3-2 finish for the meet. Women's saberist Charlotte Gartenberg '08 had a 10-4 total for the meet, and teammate Olivia Partyka '06 went 7-7 for the day. Partyka and Gartenberg led their squad to a 3-2 count over the course of the day.

The men's sabre squad showed some flair with a 9-0 sweep of Vassar, and added to the victory with strong personal records from all members of the squad. Dan Dorsky '05 and Dan Mahoney '07 each finished the meet with 10-5, and freshman Sam Levine went 8-7 for the day. This dream team finished with the best squad record on the men's side, 3-2 for the day.

With the last meet of the semester done, the team is now preparing for winter training camp in January, followed by the second league meet of the season, to be held at Brown on January 29, 2005.

Tabular results:
WE: 8-1 ME: 2-7
WF: 0-9 MF: 0-9
WS: 4-5 MS: 5-4
Total: 12-15 Total: 7-20

WE: 8-1 ME: 3-6
WF: 0-9 MF: 3-6
WS: 5-4 MS: 4-5
Total: 13-14 Total: 10-17

St Johns
WE: 6-3 ME: 1-8
WF: 1-8 MF: 1-8
WS: 3-6 MS: 3-6
Total: 10-17 Total: 5-22

WE: 4-5 ME: 6-3
WF: 5-4 MF: 5-4
WS: 8-1 MS: 9-0
Total: 17-10 Total: 20-7

Boston College WE: 3-6 ME: 4-5
WF: 5-4 MF: 3-6
WS: 5-4 MS: 7-2
Total: 13-14 Total: 14-13

Individual records of note:
Ruth Schneider '06 (WE): 13-0
Charlotte Gartenberg '08 (WS): 10-4
Christine Livoti '08 (WE): 10-5
Dan Dorsky '05 (MS): 10-5
Dan Mahoney '07 (MS): 10-5
Sam Levine '08 (MS): 8-7
Olivia Partyka '06 (WS): 7-7