Brown fencers take two wins amidst tough competition at MIT

Brown fencers take two wins amidst tough competition at MIT

Feb. 7, 2005

Cambridge, MA - On Sunday, February 6, the Brown fencing team traveled to the MIT Invitational to square off against several of the nation's top collegiate fencing programs -- New York University, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and University of North Carolina. The Brown women also fenced Cornell while the men faced Yeshiva. The men succeeded in defeating Yeshiva with an impressive total of 21-6, and the women managed 14-13 victory over the UNC. However, both teams were unable to overcome the rest of the competition. The Brown men and women finished the day with records of 1-4.

Tri-captain and All-American Ruth Schneider '06 had the strongest record of the day, finishing 11-4 and defeating Harvard's top women's epeeist by a score of 5-2. Tri-captain John Wurzel '05 won a spectacular 5-0 bout against the Tarheel's #1 foilist. The men's foil squad made the only sweep of the day, a 9-0 shutout of Yeshiva. Men's sabre had the most wins of the day, defeating Ivy powerhouse Penn, Yeshiva and UNC with scores of 5-4, 7-2 and 6-3, respectively. Women's epee made a notable 2 victories, finishing 7-2 against UNC and 5-4 over Penn.

This meet was the last of the regular fencing season and included the last few bouts that Brown fencers will be able to count as they try to qualify for regionals. The New England fencing championships will be held at MIT on February 19, and the ECAC's will be held at Brown the following week, February 26. The regional qualifiers for nationals will be held on March 5 in New York. NCAA Nationals will take place at the end of March.

NYU: Women's epee: 4-5 Men's epee: 3-6
Women's foil: 0-9 Men's foil: 2-7
Women's sabre: 5-4 Men's sabre: 3-6
Total: 9-18 Total: 8-19

Harvard: WE: 4-5 ME: 1-8
WF: 0-9 MF: 2-7
WS: 1-8 MS: 1-8
Total: 5-22 Total: 4-23

UPenn: WE: 5-4 ME: 1-8
WF: 1-8 MF: 2-7
WS: 1-8 MS: 5-4
Total: 7-20 Total: 8-19

Cornell: WE: 3-6 Yeshiva: ME: 5-4
WF: 2-7 MF: 9-0
WS: 3-6 MS: 7-2
Total: 8-19 Total: 21-6

UNC: WE: 7-2 ME: 3-6
WF: 3-6 MF: 3-6
WS: 4-5 MS: 6-3
Total: 14-13 Total: 12-15

Individual records of note:
Ruth Schneider '06 (WE): 11-4
Christine Livoti '08 (WE): 7-8
Charlotte Gartenberg '08 (WS): 8-7
Jeremy Zeitlin '07 (MF): 6-9
Ivan Goodman '08 (MF): 7-8
Sam Levine '08 (MS): 6-6
Daniel Dorsky '05 (MS): 4-4
Jeremy Adler '06 (MS): 7-8