Women's Fencers Go 2-1, Defeat #10 Princeton, To Highlight First Half of Ivy Championship

Women's Fencers Go 2-1, Defeat #10 Princeton, To Highlight First Half of Ivy Championship

Feb. 4, 2008

New Haven, CT - For the first time since Brown joined the Ivy League in fencing in the 2005-06 season, one of the Bears teams has recorded a pair of wins, as the women's fencing team (17-2, 2-1 Ivy) defeated #10 Princeton, 16-11, and host Yale, 15-12, at the first half of the Ivy League Championship on Saturday. The women also lost their opening match with Cornell, 14-13, while the men's team (7-9, 0-2 Ivy) dropped its two matches with #8 Princeton, 20-7, and Yale, 18-9.

For the women, the saber squad led the way, winning 6-3 in each match. Sophomore All-American Randy Alevi (Old Westbury, NY) posted an 8-1 record, including 3-0 sweeps of the fencers from Princeton and Yale, arguably the better two squads Brown faced. The wins brought Alevi's team-leading record to 54-10 on the season. Junior Deborah Gorth (Amherst, MA) was right behind her at 6-3, including a 3-0 sweep against the Big Red, while freshman Aleksandra Mackiewicz (Westwood, MA), went 4-5.

In the foil, sophomore Kirsten Lynch (Maplewood, NJ) and freshman Francesca Bartholomew (Boston, MA) continued their great seasons, both going 7-2. Lynch's 3-0 sweep came against Yale, while Bartholomew went undefeated against the ranked Tigers. Sophomores Linda Zhang (New York, NY) and Lyla Fujiwara (Rochester, NY) rounded out the lineup with respective 2-3 and 0-4 records.

Senior Christine Livoti (Garden City, NY) led the epée squad, going 6-3 on the day with 2-1 records in each match. Juniors Robyn Thvedt (Tucson, AZ) and Christina Salvatore (Chevy Chase, MD) were both 2-7 in the three matches.

On the men's side, the foil squad had a solid day, going 5-4 in both matches. Sophomore Adam Pantel (Mendham, NJ) was 4-2, while freshman Scott Phillips (Great Neck, NY) turned in a 3-2 mark. The meet marked the return of junior Nick Bender (New York, NY) from spending the winter abroad, and with the foil squad already the team's strongest, Head Coach Atilio Tass tried both he and freshman Jonathan Yu (Birmingham, AL) on both the foil and saber squads. Bender went 2-1 in the foil against Princeton, matching that record against Yale, while Yu went 0-3 in the saber against the Tigers before winning one of three matches against the Elis. Sophomore Andrea Varotsis (London, UK) rounded out the foil fencers, losing his lone bout against Yale.

Also in the saber, freshman Joseph Isaacson (Latham, NY) was 1-5, while junior Elias Jaffa (Foster, RI) and freshman Sang Woo Cheung (Tokyo, Japan) went 0-3 against Princeton and Yale, respectively. In the epée, sophomore Adam Yarnell (Harrison, NY) was 2-4, with both wins coming against Princeton, while sophomores Henry Liu (Irvington, NY) and David Pagliaccio (Dobbs Ferry, NY) were both 1-5.

Next weekend, the Bears will compete at the second half of the Ivy League Championship, held at Princeton. The competition will be even tougher, as Brown will face Penn (#6 M, #8 W), Harvard (#7 M, #5 W), and Columbia (#5 M, #3 W), who are all ranked in the national top 10 in both sexes.

Women's results

Cornell 14, Brown 13
Sabre: Brown, 6-3
Brown: Deborah Gorth 3-0, Randy Alevi 2-1, Aleksandra Mackiewicz 1-2.
Cornell: Alexandra Heiss 2-1, Gwen Waichman 1-2, Alison Ewing 0-3.
Foil: Cornell, 5-4
Brown: Francesca Bartholomew 2-1, Kirsten Lynch 2-1, Linda Zhang 0-2, Lyla Fujiwara 0-1.
Cornell: Jessica Tranquada 3-0, Analise Peleggi 1-2, Celia Smith 1-2.
Epee: Cornell, 6-3
Brown: Christine Livoti 2-1, Robyn Thvedt 1-2, Christina Salvatore 0-3.
Cornell: Katherine Thompson 3-0, Tasha Hall 2-1, Erica Waichman 1-2.

Brown 16, #10 Princeton 11
Sabre: Brown, 6-3
Brown: Deborah Gorth 1-2, Randy Alevi 3-0, Aleksandra Mackiewicz 2-1.
Princeton: Caroline Merz 1-2, Cara DiGirolamo 0-1, Jessica Fields 0-3, Lyuba Docheva 2-0.
Foil: Brown, 5-4
Brown: Francesca Bartholomew 3-0, Kirsten Lynch 2-1, Lyla Fujiwara 0-3.
Princeton: Karen Petsche 2-1, Mina Zargham 1-2, Ann Gong 1-2.
Epee: Brown 5-4
Brown: Christine Livoti 2-1, Christina Salvatore 2-1, Robyn Thvedt 1-2.
Princeton: Jasjit Bhinder 3-0, Chandler Clay 1-2, Lauren Clark 0-3.

Brown 15, Yale 12
Sabre: Brown, 6-3
Brown: Deborah Gorth 2-1, Randy Alevi 3-0, Aleksandra Mackiewicz 1-2.
Yale: Erin Frey 2-1, Chloe Rossetti 0-3, Katherine Arden 1-1, Farrah Kimovec 0-1.
Foil: Brown, 7-2
Brown: Francesca Bartholomew 2-1, Kirsten Lynch 3-0, Linda Zhang 2-1.
Yale: Lidia Gocheva 2-1, Jennifer Cohen 0-3, Jennifer Ivers 0-3.
Epee: Yale, 7-2
Brown: Christine Livoti 2-1, Christina Salvatore 0-3, Robyn Thvedt 0-3.
Yale: Rebecca Moss 3-0, Abigail Fraeman 2-1, Pruittiporn Kerdchoochuen 2-1.

Men's Results

#8 Princeton 19, Brown 8
Sabre: Princeton, 9-0
Brown: Elias Jaffa 0-3, Joseph Isaacson 0-3, Jonathan Yu 0-3.
Princeton: John Stogin 3-0, Robert Brenner 3-0, Thomas Abend 3-0.
Foil: Brown, 5-4
Brown: Adam Pantel 2-1, Nick Bender 2-1, Scott Phillips 1-2.
Princeton: Clayton Flanders 2-1, Peter Toshev 2-1, Steven Liss 0-3.
Epee: Princeton, 6-3
Brown: Adam Yarnell 2-1, Henry Liu 1-2, David Pagliaccio 0-3.
Princeton: Nate Sulat 2-1, Tommi Hurme 2-1, Graham Wicas 2-1.

Yale 18, Brown 9
Sabre: Yale, 6-3
Brown: Joseph Isaacson 1-2, Sang Woo Cheung 0-3, Nick Bender 2-1.
Yale: Sebastian Cano-Besquet 2-1, Stephen Watty 3-0, Bryan Henriques 1-2.
Foil: Brown, 5-4
Brown: Adam Pantel 2-1, Scott Phillips 2-0, Jonathan Yu 1-2, Andrea Varotsis 0-1.
Yale: John Gurrieri 3-0, Nathaniel Botwinick 1-2, Andrew Holbrook 0-3.
Epee: Yale, 8-1
Brown: Adam Yarnell 0-3, David Pagliaccio 1-2, Henry Liu 0-3.
Yale: Michael Pearce 3-0, Gabe Billings 3-0, Steve Miller 2-1.