Fencing Completes Day One of Ivy League Round-Robin

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The men's and women's fencing teams each beat Yale and fell to Columbia and Princeton to finish 1-2 after the first day of the Ivy League Round-Robin at the Olney-Margolies Athletic Center on Saturday.

Top performers for the men included junior Barrett Weiss (Barrington, R.I.), sophomore Simon Jones (Louisville, Colo.) and freshman Alex Palabrica (Los Angeles, Calif.). Weiss and Jones each posted a team-best 6-3 record to stand fourth in foil and fifth in epee, respectively, while Palabrica is eighth in saber after a 5-4 day.

For the women, senior Caitlin Taylor (Elk Grove, Calif.) turned in the winningest effort of either side for the Bears, going 7-2 in saber to sit in fifth place. Senior Kathryn Hawrot (Barrington, R.I.) went 5-4 in foil and classmate Laney Caldwell (Indian Spring, Ala.) finished 5-4 in epee as each ended the day in eighth place.

The Bears resume round robin action tomorrow at 10 a.m.



Harvard 3-0
Columbia 2-0
Princeton 2-1
Brown 1-2
Penn 1-2
Yale 0-4 


Princeton 4-0
Columbia 3-0
Harvard 2-1
Penn 2-2
Brown 1-2
Cornell 0-3
Yale 0-4 



Harvard def Yale, 22-5 (S63/F90/E72)
Columbia def Penn, 17-10 (S45/F63/E72)
Brown def Yale, 17-10 (S54/F72/E54)
Harvard def Princeton, 18-9 (S72/F63/E54)
Columbia def Brown, 18-9 (S63/F72/E54)
Princeton def Yale, 16-11 (S63/F45/E63)
Harvard def Penn, 19-8 (S81/F63/E54)
Princeton def Brown, 16-11 (S72/F45/E54)
Penn def Yale, 18-9 (S72/F54/E63) 


Harvard def Yale, 23-4 (S90/F81/E63)
Princeton def Cornell, 24-3 (S90/F72/E81)
Columbia def Penn, 14-13 (S54/F81/E18)
Brown def Yale, 14-13 (S54/F54/E45)
Princeton def Harvard, 15-12 (S27/F72/E63)
Penn def Cornell, 18-9 (S72/F54/E63)
Columbia def Brown, 18-9 (S36/F81/E72)
Princeton def Yale, 26-1 (S90/F90/E81)
Harvard def Penn, 22-5 (S90/F63/E72)
Columbia def Cornell, 17-10 (S36/F90/E54)
Princeton def Brown, 19-8 (S45/F72/E81)
Penn def Yale, 21-6 (S63/F72/E81)