Brown Fencing Goes 12-1 at NFC No. 2

Brown Fencing Goes 12-1 at NFC No. 2

Chestnut Hill, Mass. – The Brown fencing team had one of the most impressive performances of any squad at the Northeast Fencing Conference meet number two, as the Bears went a combined 12-1, with the men posting an undefeated 6-0 mark. Bruno was victorious over Boston College, Dartmouth, Tufts, Brandeis, MIT and Vassar. The women's squad went 6-1. The Brown men are 9-1 overall on the season, while the women are 11-1.

The Brown men had dominating performances against Tufts and Dartmouth, winning 27-0 and 21-6, respectively. The Bears also took close contests against BC (14-13), MIT (14-13) and Brandeis (15-12).

The women's team boasted six wins in which they posted at least 20 points, while their lone loss came in 14-13 battle with Boston College.

In addition to superb team scores, several fencers had career days. Rookie Barrett Weiss (Barrington, R.I.) went 14-1 in the foil, while senior Andrew Pintea (New York, N.Y.) was not far behind, posting an 11-4 mark. In the saber, senior Peter Tyson (Setauket, N.Y.) was 15-3.

Sophomore Kathryn Hawrot (Barrington, R.I.) and senior Vivian Truong (Brooklyn, N.Y.) were perfect on the afternoon, registering 13-0 and 10-0 marks in the foil. Junior Avery Nackman (Katonah, N.Y.) was as equally impressive, earning a tally of 15-1.

Juniors Caitlin Taylor (Elk Grove, Calif.) and Cory Abbe (Scappoose, Ore.) each totaled 17 points in their respective weapons. Taylor went 17-1 in the saber, while Abbe 17-2 in the epee.

The Bears will have one more bout, the Eric Sollee Invitational, on February 4, before the Ivy League Championships on February 11-12.


Men's Team
Tufts 27-0
Vassar 18-9
Dartmouth 21-6
Brandeis 15-12
BC 14-13
MIT 14-13

Women's Team
Tufts 20-7
Vassar 20-7
Dartmouth 20-7
Brandeis 24-3
BC 13-14
Smith 24-3
MIT 21-6

Men' foil individual scores
Barrett Weiss 14-1
Andrew Pintea 11-4
Joshua Grill 7-2
James Golin 7-8

Men's Epee individual scores
Kelly McGuire 11-7
Alexander Chiclana 10-7
Benjamin McDonald 7-10
Kwun Kui Clarence Ho 1-1

Men's Saber individual scores
Peter Tyson 15-3
Nicholas Deak 13-5
Teddy Weller 13-5

Women's Foil individual scores
Kathryn Hawrot 13-0
Vivian Truong 10-0
Avery Nackman 15-1
Hannah Kolus 11-2
Yukiko Kunitomo 6-5

Women's Epee individual scores
Cory Abby 17-2
Laney Caldwell 11-5
Hailey Huddleston 11-8
Tanya Nguyen 2-1
Kathy Nguyen 2-3

Women's Saber individual scores
Caitlin Taylor 17-1
Christine Whalen 16-5
Samantha Gross 9-8
Christina Johantgen 2-2
Christen Dillard 0-3