Keefe Wins High Point Rider At Wesleyan

Nov. 13, 2005

Hebron, CT - The Bears, lead by sophomore Whitney Keefe, who finished first in the high point ride off this afternoon, could not over take UConn for the lead in the region. Keefe took first in both open fences and flat, increasing her lead for the Cacchione Cup, which is awarded to the high point rider in the region.

Freshman Cody Auer appeared in her first collegiate show and had a first place finish in fences and followed that up with a second place finish in flat. After recently pointing up into open. junior Marissa Geoffroy came in fourth on the fences and first on the flat. Senior point rider Jamie Peddy drew a tough draw and finished in fourth on the fences and second in flat.

In the novice division, senior Dana Liljegren finished in second on both fences and flat, while point rider Courtney Pope finished up in second on the flat. Both Mallory Kass and Amy Cameron finished in first on the flat in their respective classes. Junior Rachel Lubin and Anna Mori finished fourth on the fences and third on the flat in their respective classes.

In walk trot canter point rider Jenny John pointed up into novice with her second place finished, while Hayley Goldbach, Leona Rosenblum and Aurora Tower all place third in their respective classes. Also competing in her first show was Melba Melton who finished in fifth place while Joyce Kwok came in second and Kristin Beck pinned first.

The Bears will wrap up their fall season, next weekend when they travel to Connecticut College.