Bears Finish First At UConn Show

Bears Finish First At UConn Show

Feb. 19, 2005

Storrs, CT - The equestrian team opened up the spring part of their schedule with a first place finish in the UConn show this afternoon. With the win the Bears now regain the lead in the region after UConn went into the show leading by six points. With a strong showing this afternoon Jamie Peddy is now leading the pack for the Cacchione Cup with 73 points.

In open flat point rider Peddy had a first place finish that was matched by the UConn's point rider tying the score at seven. Also having a strong performance on open flat was freshman Whitney Keefe who placed third respectively.

In intermediate flat sophomore Jade Palomino (Maui, HI) finished in her class with a second place finish while point rider sophomore Grace Peloquin (Peekskill, NY) placed second to give Brown five points, and put the Bears ahead of UConn 12-7. Also placing in the event was junior Ariana Arcenas and sophomore Jess Medelson also placed third and fourth in their respective classes.

In novice flat point rider senior Galyn Burke (Marin County, CA) placed first while classmate Heidi Abrecht (Marletta, OH) and Amy Robinson placed third and fourth. At this point of the show Brown still had a 19-14 lead.

In walk trot canter senior point rider Gabriela Garagano (Red Bank, NJ) rode last and placed in second giving the Bears five points and keeping the Bears in the lead 24-21. Also placing in the walk trot canter was senior Connie Lee (Manhattan Beach, CA) and sophomore Kim Mickenberg (Armonk, NY) placed second while senior Natalie Forbes (Sheridan, WY) and freshman Sarah Clark (Cumberland, ME) finished up in third place. Rounding out the riders was freshman Katherine Goetz (Burlington, RI) who finished in fifth while junior Anna Mori (Ardsely, NY) placed sixth.

In walk trot point rider Sarah Morris (Silver Spring, MD) and freshman Kelly Qu (Irvine, CA) both placed first in their respective classes while senior Lizy Freudmann (Bronxville, NY) finished in fourth for the Bears. At this point in the afternoon the Bears had a 26-22 lead going into the fences.

In open fences point rider Peddy drew a tough horse, but still had a good ride finishing up in third place. Drawing the same horse as Peddy, Keefe came in second while sophomore Gillian Heinecke (Concord, NH) finished in fourth and junior Alexis Gilbard (Agoura, CA) placed sixth.

In intermediate fences point rider Peloquin placed second while Palomino placed fourth and Mendelson finished in second. Going into the final event novice fences Brown had a 35-29 advantage over UConn. In novice fencing Burke fourth while Robinson finished up in fifth place. UConn's point rider placed sixth only giving them one point giving the Bears the nine point win.

Brown will return to action Saturday February 26 when they look to increase their lead in the region at the Wesleyan Show.