Brown Cheerleading Tryout Information



If you are a high school senior interested in Brown University Cheerleading and want tryout information and dates, please contact

Tryouts for the fall football squad are typically held from 7-9pm over a 3-4 day period in early-September. Tryouts for the winter basketball squad are typically held from 7-9pm over a 3-4 day period in mid-November. There is an overlap of the fall and winter seasons in mid/late November when the football team and basketball teams can have games on the same weekend - sometimes the same day.

General Requirements

Toe Touch
Optional Second Jump
Fight Song
Stunt (minimum of an extension pop cradle, 1 optional stunt all-female or co-ed)
** Women may try out as a base, flyer or back spot and will be judged accordingly**
Tumbling optional

Fight Song
Stunt (minimum of a double based extension pop cradle and 1 optional co-ed toss stunt) Tumbling optional

Tumbling is optional and your tryout score will not be negatively affected if you cannot tumble. However, if you can, you will be awarded more points. The optional stunt can be any stunt of your choosing and more difficult stunts will be awarded with more points. However, any optional stunt will be judged based on execution as well as difficulty so you will want to choose your optional stunt accordingly. All stunts, jumps, cheer and fight song will be taught during the three day tryout session.

Team Commitment

The Brown Football Cheerleading squad consists of 12-20 male and female members. The team will perform at every home game and many of the away games as well. One overnight trip is included. Attendance at all scheduled games is mandatory. The games typically begin at 1:00 on Saturdays starting in September and continuing through early November.

Practices will usually be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00-9:00pm and all practices are mandatory. Please adjust your class schedule ahead of time to allow for attendance to practices. There will be an additional third practice scheduled during the week to be run by the captains. Attendance at this practice is also mandatory, and the day and time will be chosen to coincide with team members' class schedules.

Brown Cheerleaders are also called upon to appear and perform at various campus events and community endeavors. Team members should be ready and willing to actively participate in any performances during the season and should conduct themselves in a way becoming of the University.

At the end of the football season, team members will have the opportunity to automatically maintain a position on the team for the basketball season without trying out again. This automatic bid will be determined by a skill evaluation and overall commitment to the team during the fall season. More information about this will be provided to team members as the time comes.

If you have any questions, please contact