Brown University Chooses ACS Athletics

Brown University Chooses ACS Athletics

Providence, Rhode Island - Brown University, the seventh oldest university in America, has selected ACS Athletics as its technology partner to more efficiently manage day-to-day operations within the athletics department.  With ACS InControlTM software, Brown will manage the student-athlete life-cycle for more than 900 student-athletes participating in 37 sport programs on its Providence, Rhode Island campus.

“The greatest benefit of the ACS software to our staff and student-athletes is that we can now centralize all of the information we collect from student-athletes and we can do that from the time they are prospects right through the length of their careers at Brown," said Michael Goldberger, Director of Athletics at Brown.  "In the past, our staff was bound by inefficient, paper-driven processes which made us more vulnerable to violations and increased the time that both staff and student-athletes spent handling forms.  Now, not only will we improve the student-athlete experience by streamlining this process, but we will also have the data we collect in a usable format, instead of buried within filing cabinets and drawers."

ACS InControl™ is the industry-leading student-athlete information management system that takes a holistic approach to solving the operational challenges facing athletics departments today.  InControl is a comprehensive, integrated system that simplifies processes and gives coaches and administrators better control of the data and day-to-day operations that drive the student-athlete life-cycle.  InControl helps with student-athlete forms, roster management, CARA logs, complimentary admissions, compliance monitoring, recruiting, and more.   Additionally, Brown has turned to ACS Athletics’ integrated equipment inventory tracking system to provide an increased level of transparency to the equipment on-hand, issued, and on order.   The equipment operations staff will be tied directly into the official rosters for the department, further eliminating duplicate lists and communication as everyday changes occur. 

Brown is setting the pace among its peer institutions by adopting this holistic approach in managing its operations.  By bringing student-athlete information into one integrated platform, coaches and staff will have more time to spend coaching and mentoring student-athletes, producing a much more positive experience.  Brown coaches will be more efficient and effective in the recruiting process and gain that all-important edge in attracting the best and brightest talent.  The compliance staff will save significant time and energy by eliminating the piles of paper-based student-athlete forms and manual processes associated with collecting, data-entering, filing, and retrieving this information.   The department will have immediate access to this critical information to better analyze trends among their student-athletes and provide faster and enhanced service to each individual student-athlete.   Compliance will also save time by eliminating incomplete spot-checking of recruiting logs, as well as the collection of such logs from coaches, altogether.  Student-athletes will spend less time completing required paperwork and requesting complimentary admissions so that family and friends can attend competitions.

"With ACS, we have a complete system that is easy for student-athletes, coaches and administrators to use and will allow us to increase our monitoring efforts in a broad range of areas,” said Goldberger.  “Compliance staff will be able to automate certain functions, which will provide the ability to focus attention in other places. And our coaches will use the same tool for recruiting and team management functions, which simplifies their efforts as well.  In this economic climate, when budgets are tight and staff time is a resource that must be maximized, ACS InControl will allow us to reclaim precious minutes and devote that time to improving our programs in other ways.”

If your department's efficiency and effectiveness is still handicapped by paper-trails, separate systems/spreadsheets and communication bottlenecks, you are at risk and have a competitive disadvantage.  Inaccessible, inaccurate information impedes decision making, slows response time and distracts key stakeholders, like coaches, from doing the jobs they were hired to do.  Adding more staff to shuffle paper, or purchasing software to tackle one area or issue, only perpetuates the problem and creates more costly overhead.

If you are serious about taking that next step to improving departmental operations, please contact ACS Athletics at (800) 343-6220 or via email at