Five Brown Student-Athletes Earn Prestigious Royce Fellowships

Five Brown Student-Athletes Earn Prestigious Royce Fellowships

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Five Brown University student-athletes have earned prestigious Royce Fellowships, including four student-athletes who garnered Sport and Society Fellowships.

The Bears' 2017-18 Royce Fellows include Emma Caviness '19 of field hockey, Beth Clifton '18 of women's rugby, Nico Lozada '18 of men's soccer, Katie Orona '18 of softball, and Erika Steeves '19 of women's basketball.

Established in 1996 through the generosity of Charles Royce '61, the Royce Fellowship Program supports Brown University undergraduates as they carry out independent projects of their own design in locations across the United States and around the world.

The Sport and Society Fellowship, established in 2007, recognizes Brown University undergraduates who have a record of excellence in academics and sport, supporting these student-athletes to embark on innovative research or applied projects, exploring the intersection of sport and human rights within a particular context. 

Royce Fellows

Nico Lozada (Men's Soccer)
Tunable Channel Add-drop for Multi-channel Communications Systems in the Terahertz Band
Nico will design and build a tunable channel add-drop for terahertz frequencies based on reconfigurable liquid metals. A device such as this is routine in communication systems but not yet built for the Terahertz frequency domain. This technology will eventually have huge societal impacts, as it will enable increased access to broadband.
Faculty Sponsor: Daniel Mittleman

Sport and Society Fellows 

Katie Orona (Softball)
Investigating Food Insecurity Among Student-Athletes and the Effectiveness of NCAA Legislation
In an effort to address food insecurity among collegiate student-athletes, the NCAA adopted a policy in 2014 allowing for Division I student-athletes to receive unlimited meals at the discretion of their institution. However, all institutions have not adopted this policy. Using a range of qualitative methods, Katie will examine institutions that have taken advantage of the NCAA's new policy and those who have chosen otherwise in order to capture a more complete picture of food insecurity and the impact of the NCAA policy.
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Patricia Risica

Emma Caviness (Field Hockey)
Breathe: Stress Reduction for Female Student-Athletes through Breathing Awareness Meditation
Emma will explore the impacts of Breathing Awareness Meditation on a select group of female athletes.  Emma will monitor the effects the practice has on subject's salivary cortisol levels and self-reported stress.
Faculty Sponsor: Jill Reeve and Elena Salmoirago-Blotcher 

Beth Clifton (Rugby)
Does Promoting Cell Division Enhance Therapeutic Responses to Cancer?
Despite the global scope of cancer, many mechanisms surrounding the disease are not well understood. One such mechanism is that of chemotherapeutic resistance, when chemotherapies are ineffective at causing cell death. The mechanisms surrounding resistance are important in understanding how to enhance chemotherapies in recurrent cancer. Beth will examine these mechanisms by testing if increasing cell division in non-dividing cancer cells will increase sensitivity to Taxol, a chemotherapeutic agent that acts by killing cells undergoing division.
Faculty Sponsor: Michelle Dawson 

Erika Steeves (Basketball)
Building a Market for Basketball in China
Erika will explore the growing market for amateur and professional basketball in China. Working with the National Basketball Association (NBA), the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), and Chinese sport officials she will look at the intentional and unintentional development of a uniquely American product; basketball. She will also explore potential opportunities and challenges for this emerging market during a time of unsettled relationships between the U.S. and China.
Faculty Sponsor: Sarah Behn