Fred W. Woodcock
Team: Baseball

Fred W. Woodcock '91
Sport: Baseball
Year Inducted: 1971

Fred W. Woodcock '91, a control pitcher, was one of the best of his era. He let the batters hit his slow stuff, but seldom safely. Woodcock was a close student of the game. After each game he'd go to his room and write down the type of pitcher the opposing players had hit, marking down every detail of the play of each man. The day before he was scheduled to pitch, Woodcock would drop everything and concentrate on his small notebook. When he took the mound he would know the details of every opposing batter and from the mound he would position his infield and outfield as the various batters came to the plate. The crafty southpaw played one year in the majors with Pittsburgh in 1892, posting a 1-2 record and a 3.55 ERA.