Gregory T. Whiteley
Hometown: Eugene, OR
Team: Track & Field

Gregory T. Whiteley '89
Eugene, OR
Track & Field
Year Inducted:

Greg Whiteley resides in Eugene, Oregon, where he continues training in preparation for competition in national and international running events. Mention Greg’s name to Coach Bob Rothenberg ’65 and he will tell you about some of Greg’s many accomplishments.

Greg still holds several Brown long distance records. He was the NCAA Champion of the 3,000 indoor meet, heptagonal champion and the IC4A champion. He also was a key member of the Brown team that finished ninth at the National Cross Country NCAA Championships.

As a result of his many accomplishments, Greg was chosen All-American, All-East and All-Ivy several times. In addition to running, Greg also spends a great deal of time clocking miles on his bike in and around the beautiful Oregon countryside.