Joseph Watmough
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Joseph Watmough
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Joseph Watmough is recognized by many as the “grand old man” of Brown swimming. Coaching at Brown from 1944 through 1972, Watmough won four New England championships – 1950, 1951, 1958, and 1961 – and produced a host of All-American, All-East, and All-Ivy swimmers. When Brown had a losing season in 1964-65 it was big news because the Bruins hadn’t been below .500 in 11 years. Joe Watmough accomplished all of this with a medieval facility that precluded the recruitment of many of the top high school and prep school swimmers. What the record can never show is the contribution Watmough made to a succession of Brown men who swam for him over that 28-year stretch. The genial Watmough was a shrewd coach, approaching each meet like a game of chess, sacrificing a little in one area to gain the needed advantage on another. His one-time boss, former Athletic Director Paul F. Mackesey, describes Watmough as “one of the great master technicians of swimming.” The former Olneyville Boys Club director made a life beyond a living during his Brown years. For Joe Watmough, there was a never a time clock on the wall.