Alden R. Walls
Team: Ice Hockey

Alden R. Walls '31
Sport: Ice Hockey
Year Inducted: 1973

Alden R. Walls '31, captain of the 9-1 hockey team of 1930-31, was a perfectionist on the ice. He could body check with the best, and his uncanny poke-checking started many a scoring attack. While skating backwards, most defensemen can turn to one side better than to the other. Walls practiced and disciplined himself so that he became adept at going both ways. The Bruin defenseman was exceptionally quick at going down to one knee to block shots on the goal and then recovering quickly to get the puck and start a rush up the ice. Walls was ahead of his time in that he was a constant scoring threat in an era when defensemen didn't do much scoring. He scored by being aggressive and by developing a quick, hard wrist-shot. In his senior season, Walls scored the tying goal in a 3-2 victory over B.U. and he had the trick against M.I.T. One of Brown's finest heads-up defensemen, Walls would have played with distinction on any of Brown's great hockey teams down through the years. He's now president of the Alden R. Walls Company in Barrington.