Peter J. Tutless
Hometown: Providence, RI
Team: Ice Hockey

Peter J. Tutless '56
Hometown: Providence, RI
Sport: Ice Hockey
Year Inducted: 1981

Peter J. Tutless '56 had everything coming up roses for him as a senior at Brown. The former East Providence High School and Northwood Prep hockey star had his photo on the cover of the NCAA Hockey Guide, was elected captain of the Bruins under first-year coach Jim Fullerton, led the Ivy League in scoring, and was elected first-team All-Ivy and second-team All-East. The record wouldn't be complete without mentioning that Tutless, in his quiet way, was one of the finest leaders a Brown hockey team has ever had. Although he was an All-State performer at East Providence High, Tutless would not have become the star he was at the college level without the year at Northwood Prep in Lake Placid. Jim Fullerton, who was coach at Northwood Prep at that time, comments: "Pete had all the instincts for the game when he came to Northwood, but there was one thing lacking. There were very few rinks in Rhode Island at that time and Pete just didn't have enough skating time. He got it at Northwood, about two hours a day. By the time he left us, Pete was college material and I'm glad our paths crossed again at Brown in his senior season there." Coach Fullerton notes that Tutless was not a truly fast skater even at the college level. "Pete had things even more important than speed," Fullerton adds. "He was a heady player and he was a natural scorer. Every shot was right on the net. And on defense he always back-checked and covered his man very closely. He was also a fine captain, one who set an example for the entire squad." At the end of his collegiate career, Pete Tutless had 44 goals and 51 assists from his wing position for 95 points. That places him 15th on the all-time Brown scoring list. A retired Lt. Colonel in the Air Force, Pete Tutless is a self-employed real estate agent in Memphis.