Fred Tenney
Team: Baseball

Fred Tenney '94
Sport: Baseball
Year Inducted: 1971

Fred Tenney '94 was one of professional baseball's immortals, the man who revolutionized the style of play at first base. While at Brown, Tenney gained fame as a left-handed catcher, a rarity in baseball. Soon after joining the Boston Nationals he was shifted to first base, where he became the greatest fielder of his era. Tenney was the first to play back and off the bag in a period when all first basemen stationed themselves with one foot on the bag. He was the first to perfect the 3-6-3 double play and to initiate the practice of the pitcher covering first base on grounders hit to Tenney in the hole. He played 17 years in the majors with Boston and the New York Giants, posting a lifetime .294 batting average. Tenney's best year was 1899 when he hit .350. While still active, he designed a new glove for first basemen which became known as the "Tenney mitt." Tenney also managed Boston for three years and coached at Brown.