Dominic D. Starsia
Dominic D. Starsia
Hometown: New York, NY
Team: Lacrosse

Dominic D. Starsia '74
New York, NY
Year Inducted:
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Dominic D. Starsia ’74, a two-time All-American, is ratedone of the premier defensemen in Brown lacrosse history. Anoutstanding football player at Valley Stream High in New York City,Dom Starsia had never even seen a lacrosse game before he enteredBrown – but he learned fast. He was a third-team Al-Americanchoice in both 1973 and 1974 and was first team All-Ivy and All-NewEngland those same years. He also captained the freshman footballteam and was a fine pass receiver on the varsity for two seasons.“Dom was a very smooth defenseman,” Coach CliffStevenson says. “He didn’t blunderbust-around outthere. He always played under control, using the stick as a foiland not as a weapon. One of the key things about Dom was that hehad great anticipation, which is almost a must for a real gooddefenseman in this game. The fact of the matter is that Dom is veryprobably the number one defenseman in the United States today inNational Amateur Lacrosse. Which means that he is one of the two orthree top defensemen in the world.” After his senior seasonat Brown, Starsia was selected to play in the North-South All-Stargame as well as the New England All-Star game. In both cases, hewas selected by his peers to captain those teams. Dom Starsia was amember of the United States National Field Lacrosse team thatcompeted for the World Championship in England in 1978 and wascaptain of the United States National Box Lacrosse team thatcompeted for the world title in British Columbia in 1980. He wasU.S. Club Lacrosseman of the Year in 1979 and has been named tothat group’s All-American team for the past four years. Domcurrently serves as assistant soccer and lacrosse coach at Brownand is living in Providence with his wife, Kristin Lasagna Starsia’76.