Arnold M. Soloway
Hometown: Brookline, MA
Team: Football

Arnold M. Soloway '42
Hometown: Brookline, MA
Sport: Football
Year Inducted: 1993

Arnie Soloway was a very effective two-way tackle for three years - '39, '40 & '41 - three very good Brown football teams. As a junior and again as a senior he was selected to the All-New England Team; the only Brown lineman to be awarded that honor in those years. As a senior Arnie was also awarded the Class of 1910 Football Trophy at the team banquet. The NFL Brooklyn Dodgers gave Arnie a contract to play following graduation, but with the onset of World War II Arnie volunteered to enter the service. In 1946 Arnie was hired by Rip Engle to join the Brown coaching staff with Ernie Savignano; and from 1946-48 they groomed Brown athletes to go on to varsity competition. While coaching afternoons Arnie earned his Masters Degree in economics in 1948. During 1949 and 1950 he continued to scout for Brown while studying and teaching at Harvard, completing his Ph.D. in economics in 1952, where he remained on the faculty until 1960. In 1967 Arnie was once again recognized for his football accomplishments at Brown when he was selected to the Sports Illustrated 25th Anniversary All-American Team. Arnie has had a varied and effective career in the public and private sectors: Chairman, Harvard Graduate Society Council, 1982-83; Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, 1980-81; Chairman, Special Commission on Boston Public Housing, 1978-79; Director, National Committee on American Foreign Policy; National Bureau of Economic Research, 1974-79; Visiting Professor, Graduate School, Boston College. Arnie and his wife, Joan Field Soloway (Pembroke, '49) reside in Brookline and have three children: Nathaniel A. Brown '74; Stan Z., Dennison '75; and Belle F., Brown '78; and, as Arnie will tell you, seven fantastic grandchildren from 7 months to 11 years old.